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How to change the date and time format in Windows 10

How to change the date and time format in Windows 10

by AshwinJuly 2, 2018

If you are wondering how to change the clock’s setting to display it in the way you want, on your computer, you are in the right place. We will be telling you how to change the date and time format in Windows 10.

Now, you may wonder, this is too easy. For some users it is, for others not so much. And even expert users might not be aware of all the available options for the settings.

How to change the date and time format in Windows 10

1. Right-click on the clock in the Windows 10 Taskbar.

2. Select the “Adjust Time/Date” option.

3. This opens the Settings app. You can enable or disable the “set time automatically” and “set time zone automatically” options, depending on if you want the PC to auto correct the time. There is also a similar toggle called “adjust for daylight saving time automatically”. All of these options get the information from Microsoft’s servers to set the time. This works well, especially when you travel around the World, or to different time zones.

4. Scroll down to see the current the date and time format used by your PC.

5. Click on the “Change date and time formats” text link. This takes you to the page where you can select the first day of the week, a useful option depending on when your workday starts.

6. There are 4 different options here, which you can use to define the format used for the Short date, long date, short time and long time. Each of these has 4 or more styles to choose from.

How to Change the date and time format in Windows 10

The Short date options include the following:

m/d/yyyy – e.g. 7/2/2018

m/d/yy – e.g. 7/2/18

mm/dd/yy – e.g. 07/02/18

mm/dd/yyyy – e.g. 07/02/2018

yy/mm/dd – e.g. 18/07/02/

yyyy-mm-dd – e.g. 2018-07-02

dd-mmm-yy – e.g. 02-Jul-18

Notice the use of / and – the formats?

The Long date is displayed on the top of the call-out screen, which you see when you left-click on the time in the taskbar.

The Long date options are:

dddd, mmmm d, yyyy – e.g. Monday, July 2, 2018

mmmm d, yyyy – e.g. July 2, 2018

dddd, d mmmm d, yyyy – e.g. Monday, 2 July, 2018

d mmmm, yyyy – e.g. 2 July, 2018

These are useful if you want to easily read the day and date at a glance.

The Short time options include:

h:mm tt – e.g. 1:00 PM

hh:mm tt – e.g. 01:00 PM

H:mm – e.g. 1:00

HH:mm – e.g. 01:00

Some people prefer the hh options aka the 24-hour or Military Time clock.

The Long time options (displayed in the call out) include:

h:mm:ss tt – e.g. 1:00:5 PM

hh:mm:ss tt – e.g. 01:00:05 PM

H:mm:ss – e.g. 1:00:30

HH:mm:ss – e.g. 01:00:30

The seconds options maybe useful if you are adjusting the clock on another device, or waiting for a countdown.

Did you know how to change the date and time format in Windows 10 before reading this? I bet you weren’t aware of at least a few options.