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How to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge

How to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge

by AshwinAugust 7, 2015

Windows 10’s new browser, Microsoft Edge, is turning heads all over the world.


And this time it is for a good reason.

Microsoft Edge, replaced the severely outdated and insecure Internet Explorer, as the default browser in Windows 10. Edge is a lightweight browser, and offers a plethora of highly useful features like a built-in PDF Reader, Reading View, Annotation of Websites, and many more.

Today, we are going to teach you how to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge. By default, Edge uses Microsoft Bing as its search engine, which is not surprising in the very least. However, not all users will like to use it for their browsing needs.

Fortunately, switching to a different search engine is quite easy. There is one catch however, the search engine you wish to switch to must support the OpenSearch technology.

And just a reminder, the Redmond company used a different way to change the default search engine of Microsoft Edge, before Windows 10 was released. It involved visiting a website which supported the OpenSearch standard, and then clicking a banner and then navigating to settings and selecting it as the default search provider.

But things have changed now, and you can switch to a search engine of your choice with ease.

This guide is intended for new users of Windows 10.

How to change the default search engine in Microsoft Edge:

1. Once you have opened Microsoft Edge, visit the homepage of any search provider. For e.g: or

2. Now click on Microsoft Edge’s “More Actions” button (the three dot menu in the top right corner).

3. Click on “Settings”, which is the last option in the dropdown menu.


4. Scroll down and click on the “View Advanced Settings” button.


5. Once again, scroll down this menu to find an option which says “Search in the address bar with”, and then select the “Add New” option.


6. You will now see a list of search providers, whose websites you have visited in Edge.


7. Select the search provider of your ch0ice, and click on the “Add as default” option, and you are good to go.

You can also add more search engines to Microsoft Edge, from the Add New screen. Should you change your mind you can easily remove search engines from the same screen.

How to switch back to Microsoft Bing as the Default Search Provider in Edge:

Click on More Actions > Settings > View Advanced Settings and scroll down to “Search in the address bar with”, and just select “Bing,com”.


You can also use this method to switch between other search engines as well, but you should know that Bing cannot be removed from Microsoft Edge at all.