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How to change the search engine in Firefox

How to change the search engine in Firefox

by AshwinFebruary 2, 2016

One of the most used features in browsers is the search engine.

Mozilla Engine Search Engine

And almost every browser has two ways to let users search the internet.

One is through the address bar, or the URL bar as some of you may know it. In Mozilla Firefox, this is called the Awesome Bar. The reason behind this is, the address bar allows you to not just search from the bar, but also displays auto-complete search suggestions.

The default search engine in Mozilla Firefox is Yahoo, due to the deal between the two companies. But it is likely that many of you will be using Google or Bing or DuckDuckGo.

The other Search option in Firefox is the Search Bar itself, which you can find next to the address bar. This comprises of several options, meaning you can switch to any service, and merely have to select one while performing a search. But it uses the default one when you search normally.

Very often your default search engine gets changed automatically to something else, without you even noticing it. This usually happens because of some app which came with a promo offer during the installation process, and you may have missed it. It could even be due to a toolbar or a malware, or even because of some add-on. The question is, how do you change it back?

How to change the search engine in Firefox

1. Click on the magnifying glass in the Search Box. or just open the following local URL in a new tab:


2. The very first option should say “Choose your default search engine.”

3. It has a drop-down menu. Click on it.

4. You should be able to select a different search engine from this menu (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc).

5. Once you select a new default search engine, you can close the tab.

Test the search options in your address bar, and the search bar.

If you don’t see Google, Yahoo, or Bing in the drop-down menu, don’t fret. There is an easy way to restore the Search engines. Do not install add-ons which suggest it can do the same.

How to restore the default search engines in Firefox:

1. Open “about:preferences#search” in Firefox.

2. The penultimate option, should say “Restore default search engines”.

3. Click on it, and all of the browsers search engines should be re-installed instantly, and you can change the default search engine back to the old one, using the above method.