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How to compress a file with Winzip

How to compress a file with Winzip

by AshwinJanuary 25, 2016

The digital world that we live in today, has us emailing more than we ever have.

How to compress file in winzip
And more often than not, the majority of us do so on a daily basis.

Though it usually involves just a regular conversation, sometimes we have to send files to our friends and colleagues. It could be some documents, or PDFs, or photos, or even a video. When you use a free email service like Gmail, you just have a meagre 25MB limit for attachments you can send with one email.

A solution for this is of course, sending multiple emails or hosting the files over at a cloud storage service like Google Drive, Dropbox or OneDrive. This of course isn’t a good solution for files which you haven’t uploaded to the cloud.

And in fact, sometimes you won’t need to upload files to cloud services for the sake of privacy and security (for eg: Office documents, Medical reports). The wiser thing to do here, is to compress the files and then send the archive to your friend.

This also applies to the files you want to save to your Flash drive or External Hard Drives as well, as it saves a lot of space.

Most users tend to use apps like WinZip or WinRAR to compress files. Before we teach you how to use the app, download Winzip from the official website. The setup file is a 1MB download, but it initiates a web installer which is about 65MB in size. Install it and proceed.

How to compress a file with Winzip

1. Open Winzip.

2. In the left of the app, you have a sidebar called Files. This is where you select the files you want to compress.
3. Click on the “This PC” option and browse to the folder where the files are stored
4. Now left-click on a file you wish to compress. In case you wish to add more files, click on the checkbox to the left of the file name.

How to compress file in winzip 2
5. Once you have the files selected, click on the “Add to Zip” button at the bottom of the Files tab.

6. Click on the first menu option, which is also named “Add to Zip”, and your files will be added to the zip archive. This preview window will display the compression info including the total number of files you selected, size of the files before compression and after compression.

How to compress file in winzip 3
7. Now, click on the ok button, and select the “Save as” option in the right sidebar. Choose the folder where you want to save the ZIP, and give the archive a name.

How to compress file in winzip 4

That’s it, you’ve compressed the file to a ZIP. For a more in-depth article about the full features of the app, read our Winzip 20 review.