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How to customise the Start Page and the New Tab Page in Microsoft Edge

How to customise the Start Page and the New Tab Page in Microsoft Edge

by AshwinAugust 12, 2015

If you are looking to use Microsoft Edge as your default browser, there are a few things you need to change first.


The Start Page, which is the page loaded when Microsoft Edge is started, is an important one.

If you wish to customize it, look no further.

Click on the “three dot menu” in the top right corner of Microsoft Edge, and select “Settings” (on the bottom of the drop-down menu).

Hover the mouse to the “Open With”, which has the following options:

  • Start Page
  • New Tab Page
  • Previous Pages
  • Custom

To start the browser with your favorite website, click on “Custom”, and then enter a web address in the text box below it, and click the + button next to it to add the website.

(Refer to the above image)

New Tab Page in Microsoft Edge:

There are three built-in options for the New Tab page in Edge:

  1. Top Sites
  2. Top Sites and Suggested Content
  3.  A Blank Page.

To change to one of the options listed above, first click on the “menu” and then on “Settings” (on the bottom of the drop-down menu). Now click on the drop-down list below “Open new tabs with”


Top Sites and Suggested Content displays a news feed, the content of which, is based on the Country where you are browsing from. Scroll down the page to see more news, it is an endless list.

Top Sites shows a list of shortcuts to “popular websites”, such as Twitter, Facebook Wikepedia and more.


A Blank page, options contains just the “Search Bar”, and some shortcuts below it, for “Show top sites, Show top sites and my news feed, and Customise”.


How to customise the new tab page in Microsoft Edge:

You can customise the New Tab page in Microsoft Edge, but there aren’t very many options available as of now.

To enter the Customise the new tab, first select the “Top Sites and Suggested Content” option as mentioned above.

Now, open a new tab. A “customise” option appears on top of the “Top sites”  in the right hand side. Click on it to enter the customisation settings for the New Tab page.

For some reason, you cannot customize the “Top Sites” or “Blank Page” new tab pages in Edge. So, click on the the only remaining option, which is ” Top sites and my news feed”, which lets you select the language and content of the news you want to see.


And the options for choosing your favourite topics don’t work either.  So just click on the save button, to retain your “language and content” settings.