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How to disable apps from auto starting in Windows 10

How to disable apps from auto starting in Windows 10

by AshwinJanuary 27, 2016

Is your computer taking too long to start up? Do you have too many apps which run when the system boots?

disable apps from auto running
They could be the reason why your PC is taking ages to start.

If you looked at the system tray to count the number of apps which are running and said no, chances are high that you could be mistaken. Apps which have a tray icon aren’t the only ones which run at boot. There are plenty of services and tasks which also do.

The simplest way to decrease your computer’s start up time, is to disable a few unwanted, or should I say non-essential apps, from running at boot. You will be surprised how effective doing so will be.

You don’t need any special apps to do this simple function, although  you could use one if you really want to. But, there is a feature built right into Windows 10 specifically to do the very job. Yes, and it is sitting right under your very eyes, in an application, that you are probably using every other day. It is the Windows Task Manager. This option which we are talking about is only available in Windows 8 and above. Soryy Windows 7 and XP users, you will have to make do with the old msconfig technique.

How to disable apps from auto starting in Windows 10

1. Right-click on an empty area in the task bar.

2. Select the option which says “Task Manager”.

3. If you haven’t already done so, click on “More Details” in the bottom left corner of the Task Manager. This will add several options in the Task Manager.

Windows 10 Task Manager
Note: If you have previously enabled this option, you will see the option “Fewer Details” instead. Simply proceed to the next step.

4. Click on the tab which says “Startup”.

5. You will see all the apps and services which start up automatically when you boot the computer.

6. Carefully go though the list and select the apps you want to disable.

7. Right click on the app and select “Disable”.

You don’t need to restat the PC for the change to take effect.

DO NOT disable every app listed under startup willy nilly. Some of those apps could be related to your security solution (Antivirus, antimalware, etc). And some others could be for the computer’s hardware to work.

So, do your homework, and research about the apps you aren’t aware of. You can do so easily by right-clicking on the listing in the Startup tab and selecting Search Online. This should pull up a search result in your default web browser, but the search is handled via Microsoft Bing.