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How to disable autoplay in Windows 10

How to disable autoplay in Windows 10

by AshwinFebruary 8, 2016

Ensuring the security of your PC is very important, in the world of digital computing we live in.

how to disable autoplay
And I’m not just talking about online viruses, malwares and trojans.

Securing your PC against offline threats is also equally important. Viruses originated in the form which is quite long forgotten today, Floppy Disks. These magnetic storage disks, would often contain malware, which would affect the PC which they are accessed with. And this trend, of course continued with the evolving technology world.

These malicious scripts, yes that’s what they are after all, soon transitioned from Floppies to Compact Discs aka CDs, and then DVDs, and now they are now very common in USB Flash Drives or Thumb Drives. As the number of people who use these USB Sticks increased, so has the amount of malware. I often find that the Flash Drives which I recieve from friends, or at Xerox shop, are often infected with malware.

These are dangerous. Do you know why? Because the drives could potentially allow the malware to run automatically, and in turn infect the PC. This is especially risky, when the

Usually my anti-virus app detects the threat and block it immediately. But what about those which it doesn’t detect. These are the ones you should secure the PC from.

It is usually disabled by default, but you may have enabled it by mistake, or wish to enable it. To do so, follow our user friendly guide.

How to disable autoplay in Windows 10

1. Click on the Start Button.
2. Select the Settings App.
3. Check the second option which says “Devices”
4. In the left pane of the Devices Tab, you will have quite a few options.
5. Click on the last but one, which says “Autoplay”.
6. The first option here says “Use Autoplay for all media and devices”. Turn this off by clicking on the button beside it.
7. There are two more options below the “Choose Autoplay” option, which are: “Removable drive” and “Memory Card”.
8. Click on the drop-down menus and change them to “Take No Action”.

Now, the devices you plug in to the PC will no longer autoplay. This makes your computer safer to some extent, from viruses and malware which may originate from the disks which were used in other infected computers. As a safety precaution, always scan these drives for malware by using Malwarebytes or the antivirus program which you have installed on your PC, even if the drive was last used in a PC with a good antivirus.