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How to disable notifications from apps in Windows 10

How to disable notifications from apps in Windows 10

by AshwinFebruary 13, 2016

Notifications are something we have grown accustomed to on our devices today.

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Gone are the days when we had to keep refreshing the screen to see if an email has arrived.

To be honest, web-mail hasn’t changed much, but you an of course use mail apps (like the built-in Outlook app in Windows 10) for notifications. It works similar to your mobile phone, where every time you get a new email or SMS, your phone’s OS pops-up a message informing you that someone has sent you a text/mail.

Windows 10, by default has such a system in place called Action Center. It is present in phones, tablets and of course, desktop versions of Windows 10 as well. This is quite useful, as apps present in your computer will use the Action Center to display status messages (errors, updates, etc) too.

But it comes at a price. Notifications come at all times, anytime. The PC doesn’t know that it can’t disturb you during a certain time, at least not yet. So it can be really annoying to get a notification pop-up on the screen, while you’re chatting with a friend, or during a video call, or while playing a game. It only gets worse if you were trying to record an on-screen video. There are two ways to deal with this problem.

1. You can disable the Action Center completely (But this disables a lot of useful features, including mail app notifications). If you’re okay with it, follow our guide on How To disable the Action Center in Windows 10

2. You can disable notifications from individual apps. This is the wiser option of the two, as you can prevent certain apps from notifying you and still get the important ones.

How to disable notifications from apps in Windows 10:

1. Open the Settings app (Click on Start > Settings or press the key combo Windows + I).
2. Click on System.
3. Now choose the Notifications & Actions (on the left sidebar)
4. Scroll down the list of options in the right pane.
5. Under the “Show notifications from these apps”, you will find all of your apps listed. And each option will have a toggle button.
6. Simply click on the option and you will no longer get a notification from the app.

Are you missing notification from apps in Windows 10? You may follow this tutorial to re-enable a notification too.

Do not disable notifications from your email client, as doing so may result in missing some important messages.