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How to disable taskbar icons in Windows 10

How to disable taskbar icons in Windows 10

by AshwinFebruary 16, 2016

One of the many things which has been changed in Windows 10, is the way you customize the appearance ofthe operating system.

Windows 10 customize taskbar

There are a few options which are now simpler than they were in prior versions of Windows.

But several options have gone the other way, i.e., they are now a bit complicated for users. This is not a good move in the slightest. Remember when Windows 7 was launched? Microsoft said its purpose was to make the operating system as firendly as possible to the layman.

Windows 10, clearly inspired by the horrible idea of Metro UI, does not help the new user at all. One such example is the the simple of disabling the icons in the system tray, aka the taskbar. This is probably the second area of the UI which gets cluttered the most, with the first being the Desktop, of course.

And it is not possible to simply right click on an icon and disable it. Some apps will let you disable the icon within it’s own settings, while some may allow you to exit the app entirely, which can be annoying. And of course there are a few apps, which may not have any option to disbale the tray icon. But don’t worry, it is perfectly possible.

How to disable taskbar icons in Windows 10

1. Right-click on the taskbar and select the option which says “Customize notification icons”.

(or) click on the Start button and select Settings, and then on the “System” tab.

2. In the sidebar to the left, select ” Notifications & actions”.

3. Now, on the right pane of the Settings app, you will see two options below the Quick Actions buttons.

4. The first is “Select which icons appear on the taskbar”. This screen allows you to disable all taskbar app icons in just one click of the mouse. Even if you wish to disable just one app’s icon, you must choose the option mentioned above, else all other options will be grayed out (cannot be toggled).

Once disable, the screen will now allow you to select any of your apps’ tray icons, that you want to disable. But think twice before disabling the icons, because some of them may be very important, such as your Antivirus application.

5. The second option says “Turn system icons on or off”. This option will allow you to disable the Volume, Clock, Network, Power, Input Indicator, Location and the Action Center.

Windows 10 customize taskbar icons

Doing so will keep your taskbar clutter free to some extent.