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How To disable the Action Center in Windows 10 without rebooting

How To disable the Action Center in Windows 10 without rebooting

by AshwinSeptember 15, 2015

Windows 10 is not impressing everyone, despite being offered as free upgrade for Windows 7/8/8.1 users.

Windows 10 Action Center

Just because something is free, doesn’t mean you have to like it, right?

But there are a few, who wouldn’t mind settling in to the new offering from Redmond, if they could find a few tweaks. Let’s face it, the most hated feature in Windows 10, is the Start Menu. The new layout is anything but cool, and the Tiles just worsen up the mess.

You may already be aware of my criticisms, from my previous articles, including where I recommended free/paid alternatives for the Windows 10 Start Menu.

The second most hated feature would be Microsoft’s Digital Personal Assistant Cortana, and the privacy settings in Windows 10. And what is the third? Yes, the list apears to be quite big, but I’m going to focus on the third one alone here. It is none other than the Windows Action Center.

It’s an interesting concept, which if I remember correctly was first introduced in Windows Phone 8.1. Many users said Microsoft was following the footsteps of Google Android’s notification bar. And I have to say it does seem so, it isn’t exactly a copy of Android’s status bar, the Action Center has tiles, which seem to be user friendly.

Now, coming back to Windows 10, Microsoft decided that Action Center should be on PCs as well. This may not have been the best idea. I cannot say if it is good, since I barely use the notification center. The only thing I use it for, and you may have guessed it from the above screenshot, is for Twitter notifications, which happens to be one of the few Windows Store apps I use.

The Action Center’s toggles are good, but nobody is going to use it every single day, or are they. I’ll leave that up to you, but if you’re annoyed with it and want to remove the action Center, trust me, there is a simple way. I came across this tip at WinSuperSite.

How To disable the Action Center in Windows 10

1. Press Windows + R, or Click on Start and type “regedit” and press enter.
2. The Windows Registry Editor will open.
3. On the left pane, click on the following path


If you don’t have the “Explorer” key, right click on the Windows entry and select “New > Key and name it as Explorer”

Create a Windows Registry Entry

4. In the right pane of the “Explorer” entry, right-click and select New > DWORD (32-bit) Value > and rename it to: DisableNotificationCenter

Create a Windows Registry Entry 32bit Dword explorer

5. Double click on it and change the value to 1.

Disable Windows 10 Action Center

6. Close the Windows Registry Editor and right-click on your taskbar, and open Task Manager.

7. Right-click on “Windows Explorer” and select restart for the change to take effect instantly, without rebooting the PC.

On the odd chance that it did not work, reboot the PC for the Action Center to dissapear.

Should you wish to enable the Action Center in Windows 10, repeat the above steps, but instead of “1”, change the value to “0” (zero) in the 5th step.