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How to disable Wi-Fi password sharing in Windows 10

How to disable Wi-Fi password sharing in Windows 10

by AshwinAugust 10, 2015

Two weeks after Windows 10 was released, and here we are with another tutorial for you.


And this one will help you beef up your Wi-Fi’s security.

If you are wondering why I said “Wi-Fi’s security”, instead of Windows’ security, you surely need to know about a major issue, plaguing Windows 10.

By default, Microsoft’s latest operating system, shares your wireless password with your friends. Intrigued, worried? Allow me to me explain.

This is how Microsoft defines Wi-Fi Sense:

Give and get internet access without seeing shared passwords. You’ll get connected to Wi-Fi networks your contacts share, and they’ll get connected to networks you share.

Basically what it means, is that the option will allow your contacts to connect to your wireless network. This also works the other way around, providing they have Windows 10, and have the option enabled, which will let you login to their network.

Naturally, this isn’t a welcome feature. Yes, Microsoft calls it a feature, while we see it as a major security issue.

Fortunately disabling Wi-Fi Sense is not complex. All you have to do is follow our guide.

How to disable Wi-Fi password sharing in Windows 10

  • First, click on Start and open the Settings app.
  • Now, click on the third option in the top row, which says “Network and Internet”.
  • Just below your Wi-Fi network’s toggle, you will see two settins: Advanced Options, and Manage Wi-Fi Settings. Click on the latter.
  • This is the Wi-Fi Sense screen, and has a further two toggles.

The first one says “Connect to open hotspots”, which allows your computer to automatically connect to any open networks, which you want to avoid for safety reasons.

The second option is the major headache, “Connect to networks shared by my contacts”, and allows you and your contacts to connect to each other’s wireless network without giving out the password.


However, it may not be enough just to turn both of these options off. So, you may want to uncheck all the other options as well.

Yet, a third issue remains, in that, Wi-Fi Sense may reveal the password of your network to your friend’s friends. PCWorld suggests an easy fix for it. All you need to do is head over to your Router Settings, and rename your network’s SSID. You can reame it to whatever you like, as long as it has the suffix, “_optout”.

For e.g.: If your network’s name is WirelessRouter, you will need to change it to WirelessRouter_optout.

This will prevent Wi-Fi Sense from storing your network’s information.