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How to enable the Find My Device option in Windows 10 to track your stolen laptop

How to enable the Find My Device option in Windows 10 to track your stolen laptop

by AshwinNovember 27, 2015

Microsoft recently launched the first major update to Windows 10, called the Threshold 2 Update.

Windows 10 - How To Find My Device Location

One of the hidden features that th Nivember Update added, allows you to find you lost device.

And no, this isn’t restricted to Windows Mobiles, we are actually talking about Laptops here. If you are a laptop user, and carry your device it you to work everyday, part of your daily chore, would be to ensure the safety of your precious portable computer, during transit. This becomes a bigger burden, if you travel around using a public transportation system.

Have you ever misplaced your laptop? Then you must be aware of the panic it creates, and finding it becomes incredibly difficult. It becomes even worse, if the laptop is stolen by a thief. Even if your laptop is safely lying on your desk, the option to find out where it is would be very useful.

If only there was a way to track it. This is possible thanks to the new feature which I mentioned above. But, it is not enabled by default in Windows 10 Build 10586. This is due to the fact that it requires location settings to be enabled, and if Microsoft had pre-enabled this, users would have slammed it.

How to enable the Find My Device option in Windows 10 1511

Press the key combo Windows + I, or click on Start > Settings to open the settings app.

1. Select the Update & Recovery option.

2. On the sidebar to the left, click on the penultimate option, which says “Find My Device”.

Windows 10 - How To enable Find My Device

3. Now on the right tab, you will find an option which says “Turn on location settings to use this feature”. Click on it.

Windows 10 - How To enable Find My Device Location

4. On the next screen which says Location is off for this device, hit the Change button just below it.

5. A small pop-up with another toggle button will appear, enable that as well.

That’s it you have successfully enabled Find My Device on your computer. You can verify this my navigating to Settings> Update & Recovery > Find My Device.

Windows 10 - Find My Device

But your work is not done yet. How do you track the device’s location now?

Visit in your browser, and sign into the Microsoft account, which you used on the laptop.

This webpage will display the PC’s name, its serial number, the version of Windows 10 it is running on, and where it was last seen, including the date, date, time. area, city, state and the country information. Below it is a link which reads “Find My Device”, click on it to be taken to another webpage, which will display a map with the device’s precise location.