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How to find the location of the default wallpapers in Windows 10

How to find the location of the default wallpapers in Windows 10

by AshwinFebruary 11, 2016

One of the most popular things in Windows 10, is the Wallpapers it comes with.

Windows 10 wallpapers

We have already told you, how Microsoft designed the unique default paper using some advanced 3D technology.

It does look remarkable, and very cool. What if you want to have the same wallpaper on your non-Windows 10 computer. For example, a Macbook, or a Linux PC, or even a Windows XP or Windows 7 computer. Naturally you would probably think of downloading the wallpaper from a website. This is not recommended as third party websites could host files containing malware, which are harmful to your computer.

There is a perfectly simple way to get the wallpapers from your Windows 10 computer. And you don’t need any third party apps for this. It can be done with an application called File Explorer, which comes with the operating system itself.

How to find the default wallpaper location in Windows 10:

1. Click on the File Explorer icon on your Task Bar.

2. If you can’t find it, click on the Start Menu and select “File Explorer”, or use the key combo “Windows + E”.

3. Now, open the following location in File Explorer.


You can do so by copy pasting the address in the address bar of File Explorer. Or manually navigate to the folder yourself.

4. There are three folders here: 4K, Screen and Wallpaper.

5. It is the 4K folder which has the default wallpaper you need. It has the wallpapers in several resolutions including Full HD and Quad HD aka 2K. The available pixel resolutions are:

768 x 1024
768 x 1366
1024 x768
1200 x 1920
1366 x 768
1600 x 2560
2160 x 3840
2560 x 1600
3840 x 2160

If you are looking for the other wallpapers you will find them in the Wallpaper folder, which contains many sub-folders, one for each theme. Even more mysterious is the fact that not all of these sub-folders have wallpapers in them. Only a few of those do, so navigate through them to check which ones do. The one you want to look for is named Windows 10. This folder is quite odd, as it is is actually located as “C:\Windows\Web\Wallpaper\Theme1”. But you cannot open it using the shortcut directly.

And finally, the Screen folder also has some cool wallpapers too. They are the ones which are used for the Windows 10 lockscreen wallpapers. You can only access these walls through this specific folder, and nowhere else. But you can copy them to another folder on your PC and set them as your desktop background.