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How to fix blank webpage shortcuts in Windows 10

How to fix blank webpage shortcuts in Windows 10

by AshwinAugust 8, 2015

If you like to create webpage shortcuts on your desktop, you should be aware that Windows 10 has some settings which may affect the way the shortcuts work.


Today, while browsing Reddit’s Windows sub, I came across a rather unique issue.

The redditor apparently tried to set some “webpage shortcuts” to a few websites, but it turned out to be a little messy.

In case you are wondering what the shortcut thing is: just right-click on the desktop, and select New > Shortcut. Instead of browsing for an app, try adding a web URL, for e.g.:, give it a name and click finish. Now, doing do, should generate an icon which shows the logo of the default browser of Windows 10, like the one seen in the image below.


(That’s the Firefox logo, which is my default browser)

But the issue that the user reported was that his shortcut had a blank page icon, and that clicking on it just opened Microsoft Edge, and he wanted to use Google Chrome (his default browser) to open the webpages.

Take a look at the first image of this article, to see what the blank page icon looks like. As you can see from the image, it is clearly missing the “Edge” logo, and instead looks like a blank page.

So, to help the user, I replied back with a post, which solved the issue. Yes, my Reddit username is ag_android, and you can ping me on the network, anytime for suggestions or help with any issues related to Windows 10.

Here is how to fix blank webpage shortcuts in Windows 10:

Earlier this week, I wrote up a tutorial explaining how to change the Default Apps in Windows 10. The issue related to “blank webpage shortcuts’ is also related to it.”

First, click on Start > Settings > System.

On the left hand pane, select Default Apps.

Now, on the right hand pane, scroll down to the end of the page, and click on the “Web Browser” option and select your browser of choice, to set it as the default internet browser in Windows 10.


And the webpage shortcut on the desktop will automatically be updated, and will display the logo if the browser you chose as the shortcut’s icon.

If the issue persists:

If you find that the default browser is already your preferred one, look down further in the Default Apps pane, to find the option which says “Choose defaults by protocol”.

Click on it, and scroll down the page to check this entry: “HTTP URL:HyperText Transfer Protocol”.


It should have your preferred browser as its default handler. If it says something else, for e.g. Microsoft edge, click on the setting and choose your preferred browser.

This should update the icon for the webpage shortcut as well.