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How to fix blurry or fuzzy fonts in Mozilla Firefox

How to fix blurry or fuzzy fonts in Mozilla Firefox

by AshwinSeptember 10, 2015

Does the font in Mozilla Firefox look blurry or fuzzy?


Don’t worry, it’s not a virus, all you need to do is enable a setting in Windows, and presto, the issue will be fixed instantly.

Before that let me explain how I happened to come across the issue. I was browsing on some social networking websites, Gmail, and Instant messaging websites, as well as researching about Windows, software and security stuff. Suddenly I noticed that the text on a website looked weird. The first letter of a paragraph was bold, while the other characters seemed fuzzy, causing me to strain my eyes a bit.  Strangely this only seemed to affect a few websites, and I was worried if they were malicious.  It didn’t seem to be so.

(Please excuse the lack of screenshots of the blurred text issue, I was worried about fixing it, and completely forgot taking a snap.)

Then it struck me, that the Firefox’s font settings could have been altered, even though I didn’t do it. But it was at the default settings, as seen below.

Mozilla Firefox Default Font Text Settings

The next obvious step was to check Windows’ settings, and I fired up the settings app and checked for “text”, as soon I as I looked at the result name ClearType, I knew a solution was near.

1. Click on Start > Settings (or Control Panel)


2. Type the word Clear or text and “Adjust ClearType Text” settings will appear in the search results. (Alternatively you can just search for clear or text from the Start Menu)

3. Click on it, and a new window will open.

4. Enable the option which says “Turn on ClearType” (refer to the 1st image)

5. Navigate through the on screen options to select the preferred text quality, and hit finish.


Note: You can disable ClearType after the issue has been fixed.

The best part is you don’t even have to restart Firefox, for the change to take effect.The change is instantaneous, and you can always repeat the above steps to change the quality of the text too.

Note however that not all fuzzy text issues may be solved by this method. Some may require digging deep into Firefox’s advanced confi/g.

It appears to have been triggered randomly. And in my case, the text was only fuzzy in Firefox, and all the other apps were working fine. So I think the issue could have occurred due to some error in the hardware acceleration, which in turn affected the text rendering of the browser.