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How to fix blurry text in Windows 10

How to fix blurry text in Windows 10

by AshwinOctober 5, 2015

Windows 10 may be climbing high when it comes to adoption rates, but certainly isn’t devoid of some lows.

Windows 10 DPI Fix Tool
There appears to be one or two quirks around every corner. While some may actually be useful ones, most are annoying bugs which require a manual workaround.

One such which affects the Redmond company’s new operating system, is blurry fonts or text. Sure it could be caused by wrong display resolutions, or even be a result of incorrect display drivers, but that seems to be pretty rare.

The actual problem with blurry text in Windows 10 is the DPI scaling settings. (DPI = Dots per inch). With the wrong DPI, the text will be fuzzy making it difficult to read, or totally illegible even if you squint. Compared to Windows Vista, 7 or 8, in which you could fix blurry fonts by scaling the DPI to 125, Windows 10’s Settings actually causes the blurred text issue.

Fortunately there is a fix, reported by NirmalTV. There is an app which has been designed to solve the fuzzy text problem in Windows 10, and it is aptly called Windows 10 DPI fix.

All you need to do is run the app, and select between the two options available: Windows 10’s DPI Scaling and the Windows 8 DPI Scaling, the latter is what we need the app for. Selecting an option will change the DPI accordingly, and doing so requires a reboot to apply the change. You can scale the DPI upto 200% using the app.

Windows 10 DPI scaling fix

There are a couple of issues in the app: The DPI change happens upon startup, but it only takes a few milliseconds, during which the app runs and self exits. The second issue might be the more bothersome one in that some Adobe Flash content will appear smaller in Microsoft Edge. The only workaround for this is to use a third party browser, or Internet Explorer 11.

Download XPExplorer- Windows 10 DPI fix from the official website. The app is rated as clean by the Google owned multi-antivirus scanning service “Virus Total”. So rest assured, its safe and we have tested it too. The app is a mere 1 MB download, but it is not a portable app. The app will run every time the computer starts, as mentioned above, which obviously requires a registry entry, which in turn is the reason for the app not being a portable one.

We have already written a user friendly guide about “How to fix blurry or fuzzy fonts in Mozilla Firefox“. Give that a read as well, if you find issues with ClearText in Windows 10.