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How to fix screen flickering issue in Windows 10

How to fix screen flickering issue in Windows 10

by AshwinAugust 24, 2015

Windows 10, though well received by critics and users alike, is not devoid of shortcomings.


From the minor lags in fly-outs, to Start Menu woes, there are one or two trivial bugs here and there.

Of course, Windows 10 does have some major issues, but not for all users. No I am not talking about how Google Chrome is crashing on Windows 10 Build 10525, that is an insider Preview Build, and as such it will not have as many users, as there are on the general stable version of the operating system.

Some systems are affected by Critical Errors caused by Cortana, the personal digital assistant in Windows 10, and the Start Menu, whose return isn’t as good as we anticipated. I still run into major lags in the Start/Search, but am yet to run into a Critical error, which by the way, has no fix as of yet, and merely has a workaround, and that’s a temporary one.

Now, I came across some new errors being reported in Windows 10, Screen Flickering. That’s when your display flashes or is unstable, making the computer literally unusable. Microsoft is aware of these problems, and it also knows what causes them. At first I thought it obvious case of malfunctioning or buggy video drivers. That isn’t so, as a report by WinSuperSite reveals.

There are not one, but three culprits here which cause Screen Flickering:

  • Norton Antivirus – Needs no introduction I believe, as it is one of the most popular security programs.
  • iCloud – Apple’s cloud storage service.
  • IDT Audio -Integrated Device Technology’s app.

How to fix screen flickering issue in Windows 10:

Microsoft has a simple fix for the screen flickering issue in Windows 10. Just uninstall the apps, is the workaround offered by the Redmond Company.

That is Microsoft’s suggestion, and I think it may not be an acceptable solution, since they are premium products, which users will definitely want to use. We do have some information, which may help Norton users.

Symantec, the company behind Norton Antivirus, has a different suggestion. Obviously they don’t want to lose users (read customers), so it is offering a simple fix. And by that I literally mean “a fix”.

Affected users, are being advised to download Symantec’s “Screen_Fix.exe tool”, which you can download from the official server. All you need to do then, is to reboot the computer in to Safe Mode, and run the tool with Admin rights. This should be followed by a regular reboot of the computer, and the final step is to re-install Norton Antivirus.