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How to loop a YouTube video

How to loop a YouTube video

by AshwinJanuary 26, 2016

YouTube, the World’s most popular video sharing service has been around for more than a decade.

How to loop a YouTube video

But the Google owned website has been lacking basic features, despite numerous users asking it to add them.

One such missing feature, was endless playback aka repeated playback, or more commonly referred to looped videos. There have been many third-party websites, which have been offering this basic option. But they were hosted away from YouTube, which naturally was not something that users would have preferred.

What is a looped video?

It’s quite simple really, as the name suggests, it is a video which has been toggled to play endlessly. Once the video player finishes playing the video, it automatically starts playing it from the start time again, and again. Usually this is used in music players, but is also available in video players too.

It was recently reported by the Google Operating System (an unofficial blog), that YouTube has finally added support for Looping videos in its HTML5 based video player. In case you aren’t aware, the Mountain View company enabled the new web based video player a year ago, to replace the old Adobe Flash based web player.

Google did not publish any announcement regarding the availability of the feature, which is quite surprising considering how useful the option is.

How to loop a YouTube video

1. Visit any YouTube video’s page.
2. Right click on the video.
3. This will display a context menu with various options.
4. Select the option which says “Loop”.
5. A checkmark will appear beside the option to let you know it is looped.

And you’re good to go. This could be very useful for listening to your favourite song over and over, or a cartoon, or a funny video, basically it’s up to you.

There is more good news too. This new loop option is also available in videos embedded in other websites, like blogs for example.

Check the video below, it’s one of my favorite songs. It’s called RUNAWAY – By Devlin.

Follow the above instructions to loop the embedded video.

To stop looping a video, simply right-click on it and unselect “Loop”. The checkmark will disappear. And YouTube doesn’t remember the loop setting, so when you close the tab or browser window, it will be unlooped automatically, and you will have to manually enable loop for the video again.

Personally, I think it would have been better to offer a loop button below the video, or at least directly in the video player’s UI.