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How to prevent Windows Updates in Windows 10

How to prevent Windows Updates in Windows 10

by AshwinFebruary 27, 2016

One of the main reasons, why many people are unwilling to upgrade to Windows 10, is because of Windows Updates.

prevent Windows Updates in Windows 10
With the latest version of the operating system, Microsoft made a huge change to the way updates are delivered.

Forced Windows Updates, yes. The Redmond company does not allow users, to disable Windows Updates in Windows 10. Of Course Windows 10 Professional, Education and Enterprise users, have the option to defer updates But that is only a temporary option, only good for a few months before you have to install the missing updates.

And since the company uses Windows 10 as a service, which is a system of cumulative updates, hence there is no actual way to skip any update at all. The official word is that these constant updates are to ensure the security of the user’s PC, by making sure that the computer is protected by the latest updates, but it could be means to prevent piracy.

But fortunately, Windows 10 does have one setting in place, to kind of disable Windows Updates.

DISCLAIMER: It is not advisable to disable Windows Updates, as it could put your system at risk.

How to prevent Windows Updates in Windows 10

1. Click on the Start button.
2. Select the Settings App.
3. Navigate to the Network & Internet tab.
4. On the left sidebar, choose the WiFi option.
5. In the right pane of the window, select the Advanced options.
6. The second option in this window, is for Metered Connections.

By setting a wireless network as a metered connection, you are preventing Windows 10 from downloading any updates. This is because metered connections (usually mobile hotspots) are expensive and limited data connections. If Windows used these connections it would cost a lot of money for the user, and it is the exact reason why Microsoft had made this setting available.

Do note that you will need to do so for each and every WiFi connection that you connect to. So, in case you take your laptop to work, and its Wireless internet connection isn’t set as a metered one, Windows 10 will download and install the Windows Updates.

This method is useful to avoid buggy Windows Updates, but when you disable the option, it will download every single update you have missed. Instead, manually check for updates once a week or so. Microsoft does release a new update every Tuesday (aka Patch Tuesday), so you msy ewisg to check for updates every Monday, hoping that the last update did not have any issues.