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How to print as PDF in Windows 10: Using Microsoft’s built-in Print to PDF function

How to print as PDF in Windows 10: Using Microsoft’s built-in Print to PDF function

by AshwinAugust 10, 2015

Sometimes, you may need to print out a webpage or a document. But what if there isn’t a printer nearby?


One popular way to take the document away for reading it later, is to convert it into a PDF file.

But it is no easy task, as all Windows versions up to Windows 8.1, have not had a native PDF printer, which forced users to look for other options, i.e., third party apps and tools to use this basic feature.

That, however changed with the release of Windows 10. And if you are a user of the Redmond Company’s latest operating system, you will be happy to know that you won’t require to use a third party application for printing a page/doc as a PDF file.

Microsoft has included a built-in Print to PDF function in Windows 10, to allow users to print literally any page pr document in to a PDF file. What’s more, Windows 10 comes with the option enabled by default. The option is simply called “Microsoft Print to PDF”.

To verify if the option is enabled, click on Start and open the Settings App (or just press Windows + I).

  • Select Devices, which is the second option in the top row of Settings.
  • The left pane of the app’s screen should have a list of options, with the very first one being “Printers & scanners”.
  • Take a look at the right pane of the app, there should be an option to “Add Printers & scanners”, below which is the Printers section.
  • This section will have Microsoft Print to PDF available as one of the options.

(This is highlighted in the image featured above).

How to print as PDF in Windows 10:

1. Open any webpage or a document.

2. Once it has loaded fully, click on the application’s menu and select File > Print. You can also use the universal print key combo (Control + P), to initiate the process.

3. Now, the Print dialog should pop-up.

4. Click on the Printer’s name, and select the “How to print as PDF in Windows 10” option.


5.  Select the pages you want to print and click on Print or Ok, which is available in the app.

6. You will be prompted to save the doc/page. Assign it a name to save the PDF.


Wait for the process to complete, and your PDF is ready.

You can try this using any app which supports the Print option, and it will work just fine. While printing a document, just be sure to choose a PDF friendly layout, else the output may not be readable.