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How to set Bing’s daily wallpaper as your lockscreen on Windows 10

How to set Bing’s daily wallpaper as your lockscreen on Windows 10

by AshwinNovember 9, 2015

Do you like Microsoft Bing’s daily wallpapers? Do you want them on your PC?

Windows 10 spotlight

If you have a Windows 10 PC, you’re in luck. There is a feature built into the operating system that serves this very purpose.

Windows 10 has a nifty little feature called Windows Spotlight. This feature allows you to customize your computer’s lockscreen wallpaper, choosing from a plethora of beautiful images from the Redmond company’s search engine service, Bing images.

By the way, this article serves as a double tutorial in that it will also teach you how to enable Windows Spotlight. Before we get into the details, allow me to clarify a trivial issue. Microsoft originally removed the Windows Spotlight feature from Windows 10 Pro Edition. So the feature is currently only available to Windows 10 Home Edition users.

But there’s good news. Microsoft recently had a change of mind (after user backlash, obviously), and re-enabled the Windows Spotlight in Windows 10 Pro Build 10547 Insider Preview, which was released in mid September. And there’s more good news. This feature looks set to arrive in the Fall Update for Windows 10, which is set to be launched this week, according to a Microsoft engineer who had stated so in an official statement.

How to set Bing’s daily wallpaper as your lockscreen on Windows 10:

1. Click on the Start Menu and then on the Settings App

2. Now select the “Personalization” tab.

3. In the sidebar panel, click on the “Lockscreen” option.

4. The panel on the right should have many options, one of which is a dropdown menu, click on it.

5. ┬áSelect the one which says “Windows Spotlight”

That’s it you’re all set. Now you can lock your screen by pressing the key combo Windows + L to try the new feature. Image and tip courtesy, Betanews.

The lockscreen will now display an image from Bing. Don’t like what you see? Want to set another image as the wallpaper? Or do you love the one you have?

Windows Spotlight allows you to customize the images, to some extent. You should see an option in the top right corner of the screen, which says “Like what you see?”. Move the mouse cursor over it, and it will display more options. If you like the picture, select the one which reads “I want more”, and doing so will display visually similar images.

If you don’t like the image and want to get a different one, just opt for the “not a fan” setting and it should now give you a different wallpaper.

If you wish to save the images permanently, head to the following path in Windows Explorer:


Hat tip to enomiss from the Microsoft forums for the neat trick.