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How to set Windows Photo Viewer as the default image viewer in Windows 10

How to set Windows Photo Viewer as the default image viewer in Windows 10

by AshwinJanuary 22, 2016

Windows 10 has its ups and downs, thanks to all the changes Microsoft introduced in the operating system.

How to set Windows Photo Viewer in Windows 10

The Redmond company deservedly drew in a lot of criticism for changing every default app, which handles a corresponding file format.

For example, Microsoft Edge is the new default browser instead of your previous choice, be it Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, or any other browser.

While some of the default apps are better than the older ones in prior versions of Windows, one not so good one, is the new Photos App. This is the default image viewer in Windows 10. And yes, it is a Windows Store App, which means it gets the updates from the Redmond company’s app marketplace.

The app does have some interesting new features, but there is one huge problem with Photos. It is slow, incredibly slow to start, so that you will be staring at the screen for quite a bit of time waiting for the app to open.  And it gets worse, as it tends to crash sometimes, and does not work until you reboot the PC.

Naturally setting this app as the default is a bad idea, and many users have criticized the app’s performance issues, but as you know it came to no avail. But a solution exists on every Windows 10 PC. It is called the Windows Photo Viewer, the same one from Windows 7 and 8.

How to set Windows Photo Viewer as the default image viewer in Windows 10

1. Click on the Start button and then on the Settings app.
2. Select the first option, the one called System.
3. Now, click on the penultimate option in the left sidebar, called “Default Apps”.
4. The right pane of the Settings App should display a list of Default Apps.
5. Click on the option which says “Photo Viewer”.
6. A drop-down menu should appear, and you can select “Windows Photo Viewer” as the new default app.

You don’t even have to restart the PC for the change to take effect, for it’s instantenous. Simply, close the Settings app, and open any image from File Explorer. It should open in the good old Windows Photo Viewer app, and you should see how speedy it is.

You can follow the above guide to set the Photos App as the default image viewer, should you want to. You can also use it to set any other image viewer app you have, like IrfanView, as the default image viewer option.