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How to skip entering the password in Windows 10 log on screen and login automatically

How to skip entering the password in Windows 10 log on screen and login automatically

by AshwinSeptember 8, 2015

Windows 10 has been a wonderful experience, and I have never once looked back at reverting to Windows 8.1 or 7, in the last eight months, since I began testing the operating system.


But, one of the biggest issues in Windows 10, is that it requires the user to enter the password for their Microsoft Account to login to the operating system.

This has been annoying users, especially those with a rather long password.  Fortunately there is a simple solution for this, and the best part is you don’t have to remove your account at all.

Word of warning here, this method is intended only for those who are the sole user of the computer. It is unwise to disable the log on password on a shared computer.

Q: What does this method do?

A: It automatically logs you into your Microsoft account. This is applicable to scenarios when the device goes to hibernate/sleep, and reboots too.

Q: Is this a safe method?

A: Yes, the method itself is safe, as you are not using any third party tools. But, it does enable anyone with access to your computer, to view your files and personal data. So, I’m going to say this here, do not use this if you are using a shared computer.

How to skip the Windows 10 log on screen and login automatically:

1. First click on start and type the word netplwiz and press enter. Alternatively, you can press Windows Key + R to bring the run command and enter netplwiz.




2. This should bring up a new window called User Accounts.

3. It has two tabs: Users, Advanced.

4. In the users tab, there is an option with a checkbox called “Users must enter a username and password to use this computer.” By default the checkbox is enabled, so you have to uncheck it, but don’t close the window just yet. Instead, hit enter.


5. You will be prompted to enter your password two times. Do so

6. Now, click on ok.

7. Restart the computer for the changes to take effect.

Do not remove your user account in this window. This is explained below.

Q: Why oh why should I do this? Isn’t it better to use a local account instead?

A: Absolutely, you can, but a huge cost. Switching to a local account logs you out of every Microsoft App in Windows 10. This includes Outlook, Mail and Calendar,  Windows Store and more.

So, this is the solution that is preferable and allows you to still use your Windows Store Apps. I came across this solution at the Windows10forums.

My experience with this method:

My laptop starts really quickly now, somewhere between 15-30 seconds, maybe even faster, and the desktop screen stands ready. Oddly enough, until a few months ago, when I still used to enter a password to log on to Windows 10, the log on screen would stick around for 10 or 15 seconds, while the user account authenticator would keep spinning. This hasn’t been the case ever since I use the auto login solution.