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How to take screenshots in your browser

How to take screenshots in your browser

by AshwinJanuary 19, 2016

Every so often, we come across an interesting article across a website, or a funny ad or a nice sale, which you may want to send to your friends.

Nimbus screen capture optionsSometimes the webpage you shared may have a lot of information, so it may not be able to spot the specific part you wanted your friend to see.

The easiest solution for this is of course, to send a screenshot of the page. And you may be well aware that the simplest tool to do so, is by using Print Screen and then opening MS Paint to save or make minor changes to the image.

Of course you can use other tools likeĀ  the Windows Snipping Tool, or any other app. But what if there was a solution right-in your browser? Is it possible? Of course, there is a way.

How to take screenshots in your browser ?

Meet Nimbus Screen Capture (aka Nimbus Screenshot). It is a browser add-on which is available for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox.

Screen capturing options:

The add-on lets you capture the webpage using the following options:

  • Visible Part of the Page – Captures the portion of the page which you are seeing.
  • Fragment Page – Captures parts of the page (depends on the design of the page elements.
  • Selected Area – Drag and create a rectangular area, to capture a screenshot of the selected area.
  • Entire Page – Captures the entire webpage’s screenshot, even the ones which you cannot see without scrolling.
  • Blank Page – Takes a blank screenshot, which you can use as a canvas to doodle on, write, or edit it to your liking.

Once you select any of the screen capture options, and take a screenshot, a new tab is opened automatically with the add-ons editor.

Editing and saving options:

You can upload a new image, zoom in/out, resize, crop, draw with a pen, draw geometrical shapes, draw an arrow, insert text boxes or notes (comic strip style), select a font style and size, fill the canvas with a color, shadow, blur an area or even add numbers to the picture.

Nimbus screen capture editor

You can save the image in JPG/JPEG or PNG format and also select the quality.

Once you are done editing, hit “Done”, and you can save the image locally on your PC, or to Google Drive, or even on Nimbus (requires a free account). You can also copy the image to the clipboard or print the images.


A huge advantage to this add-on is that you can use it on any computer, regardless of whether it runs on Windows, Linux or Mac OS X.
Another bonus of the Firefox add-on is that it is a No-restart extension, which means you don’t have to restart your browser, for the extension to work. This, also applies to Waterfox browser as well.

Download Nimbus Screen Capture for Mozilla Firefox or Nimbus Screenshot and Screencast for Google Chrome for free.

Please be aware that there are a few screenshot add-ons which included unwanted content aka adware. These are not the ones we tested, so we advise checking the reviews before you install them.

If you are looking for a more professional tool for capturing videos or screencasts, take a look at Movavi Screen Capture Studio.