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How to upgrade to Windows 10 Build 10586 version 1511 without waiting for the update to arrive?

How to upgrade to Windows 10 Build 10586 version 1511 without waiting for the update to arrive?

by AshwinNovember 16, 2015

Microsoft released Windows 10 Build 10586 version 1511 last week, and even though it has been three days since it was launched, the update has not reached out to all users just yet.

Windows 10 Pro install

It looks like the Redmond company is rolling out the update in phases, so it may take a few days or weeks to get the update on your PC.

But don’t worry, there is a simple trick using which you can update to the latest version of the operating system easily. Also, this method is a foolproof one in that it offers you to keep all of your personal files and apps. If you wish to have a preview of the new features in Windows 10 Build 10586 version 1511, take a look at our photo gallery of the new build.

Make sure to plug in your laptop so the battery doesn’t die mid-way during the update.

How to upgrade to Windows 10 Build 10586 version 1511 manually:

1. Download the Windows 10 Media Creation Tool from the official website.

2. Run the tool on the PC you want to upgrade and click on the “Upgrade this PC” button.


If you want to create an ISO image or a bootable USB Flash Drive or a DVD, click on the option which says “Create installation media for another PC”, doing so will require you to select the Edition of the operation system, the bit architecture and the language.

3. Sit back and relax as the app begins downloading the update. It’s quite a few GBs in size. Once it has been downloaded, the app will prompt you to install the update, as seen in the screenshot.

4. This step is pretty important. Choose “Keep your personal files”, else you will lose all of your data.

5. Click on the install button to begin the upgrade process. The installation process involves copying the system files, installing the drivers, apps, etc, so all of these will take quite a few minutes or even an hour depending on your system config.

Why is this method better than the regular Windows Update?

Well, you don’t have to wait for the update to arrive, and  also, there is the added advantage of using an ISO image or a USB Drive or a DVD, which you can use to update multiple computers, and save some precious bandwidth. This also eliminates the need to download the update fresh, in case anything untoward happens, and causes your update to fail.

As always, please do avoid downloading the ISO file from third party servers, and file sharing websites.

Updated on November 23

Microsoft has stopped offering the ISO for Windows 10 Build 10586 through the tool. The update can only be downloaded from Windows Update now. More on this here.