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HyperCam 3 Review

HyperCam 3 Review

by March 5, 2015

HyperCam 3 Review

Video lessons are very popular nowadays because they give us the description of anything in the form of a presentation. For example, some software developers make video tutorials of their product to show the benefits of the program in action. It goes without saying that such a method of online learning has a lot of advantages because video tutorials are very easy to understand and are usually accompanied by voice explanations. You can watch this video tutorial again and again to learn about all the features of the program until you understand it perfectly. But for creating such a video tutorial you need a good screen capture program to help you make a video file and then save it in the preferred video format. Of course, there are a lot of such programs and one of the best is HyperCam 3 which can capture the screen easily and quickly. The main advantage of the program when compared with other similar applications is in its simplicity. Everything is very comprehensible and clear even for inexperienced users. You need to remember only three or four hotkeys for video creation, the program will do the rest by itself and it does so with the greatest quality.

HyperCam 3 has got a wide range of functions to create and produce video presentations for various purposes. With the program you can make video tutorials, presentations, demo videos, record your games or simply anything else that is shown on your screen.

The latest version of the program can be downloaded from the official Solveigmm site. It is quite small, only 17 MB.

The installation process of the program is extremely easy. You just need four simple steps which include: 1. Language selection (currently it supports only five languages – English, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian), 2. License agreement, 3. Installation Folder (by default HyperCam 3 is installed in the Program Files folder but you can change this installation location, additionally, the program allows you to create a portable installation file for use on any removable media, for example, on USB flash drive, etc., it is a very useful feature of the program but it requires an additional license for each device), 4. Program Group Selection. After completing all these steps the installation of the program begins and in less than a minute it will be installed and ready for use.

Installation 1

Installation 3

Installation 4

Installation 5


The programs interface is very intuitive and extremely easy to use. Unlike other programs it is not overcrowded with lots of buttons and tabs. It only includes minimal buttons but offers maximal functionality. Even a very inexperienced user will become accustomed to it in seconds.


There are two main tabs on the top of the interface- Record (which contains three capturing modes- Region, Fullscreen and Window) and Options (where you can customize video, audio, interface and some extra settings of the program).

A little below you can see three functional buttons: the first is designed in the form of a video camera (using it you can enable or disable video recording), the second red round button called Record is used to begin video capture and the last one for turning off or on the voice.

At the bottom of HyperCam 3 are situated two sections: Recent Records (where you can view all the video files captured by the program, edit them with the help of a built-in video editor or share to YouTube, Vizify, Vimeo and DropBox) and Screen Notes (for adding text notes to the video files).

Main Features of the program.

Video Capture

Of course, video capture of the computer screen is the main purpose of HyperCam 3. The program offers three different capturing modes – Region, Fullscreen and Window. Each of them has its own specific features and goals.

Capture modes

If you want to capture the entire computer screen you must use Fullscreen mode. The program captures every detail and action occurring on the screen in this mode. This mode is very useful when you wish to record the entire screen and display all the actions which take place on it.

In Region Mode the program captures only an area determined by the user. You can select a specific place on the computer screen using the mouse both manually (by typing the desired width and height) and automatically (simply by outlining the desired area with the mouse). The advantage of this mode lies in it that it allows you to determine any area of the screen and capture only it.

It is often necessary to capture some individual and particular window and not a whole computer screen, for instance, the interface and functionality of any program, YouTube video or Skype session. You can do that easily with the Window capturing mode of HyperCam 3. After choosing it, the Select Window button appears where it lists all running and active applications. Simply select one of them from the drop-down menu, click on the Record button and start capturing.

The program allows you to disable video recording temporarily and use only audio recording with the help of any audio device installed on your system (microphone, system audio, and so on), or vice versa, disable audio and use only video recording.

Video Sharing

You have the possibility to share the captured videos immediately after creation or editing to such social media and file uploading sites as YouTube, Vizify, Vimeo and DropBox. You do not need to open them in the browser; you can do that directly in the program interface by selecting the desired site from the drop menu and entering your user name and password.

Video Options

The program uses the following encoders and codecs- uncompressed video, Cinepac codec by Radius, and so on (see the screenshot below). HypecCam 3 allows you to specify the desired video rates in frames per second for record, playback and key frame respectively.

Video Options

Audio Options

In this section you can select any audio device presented in your system, audio compressor, output format and folder.

Audio options

Extra Options

In this section you can configure the following capturing options- capture layered windows, mouse cursor and overlay. Additionally you can add a ‘starburst’ on mouse click (by specifying star size and left or right click star color) and enable mouse click sound volume.

Extra options


This section allows you to customize some basic options such as behavior of the program during a recording, interface language and hotkeys. Hypercam 3 offers default hotkeys, namely, F2: record and pause, F3: stop recording and F4: screenshot. But you can change them and assign any desired combination of hotkeys.

Interface option

Screen Notes

The program has a very comfortable and well-thought feature for adding text notes to the captured video files. You can easily configure text font, size and color, use bold, italic and underlined letters, specify the position of the text, add macro, data, time, etc. (see the screenshots below).

Scr not

Video Edit

The program has a special built-in tool for editing captured videos. With its help you can perform basic actions with video files, for instance, join two separate video files together, split a video into several parts or cut out selected fragments, etc.

Media editor

Med ed 1

Med ed 2

Med ed 3

Med ed 4

Med ed 5



It is worth mentioning that the program has an additional tool for making screenshots but, unfortunately, it offers only very limited options. I hope that the developers will improve upon this area the future and add some additional features.

System Requirements

Windows XP – Windows 8/8.1

Direct X 8.0 or higher.

The program supports five languages.

The trial version is fully functional for 21 days. The cost of the license is $39.95.


Nowadays the program HyperCam 3 is one of the most effective and affordable applications for capturing videos from the Internet, recording movies, music and games. The range of possibilities for this program are extremely wide ranging, from private use to creating presentations and visual tutorials and so on. Captured videos created by HyperCam 3 can be burnt to discs, uploaded to a blog or other website.

Working with the program is very easy. Everything is performed using hotkeys. Thanks to convenient command line support you can even use it in other applications by simply embedding the program into them.

The application supports three capture modes, so you can capture the whole screen, specific region or single window, add text notes to the videos, install it on the removable media, etc.

On the whole HyperCam 3 is really one of the best programs of its type on the software market. It’s simplicity and ease of use makes it indispensable for every users who want to achieve the best results with even the hardest of tasks and create amazing video tutorials, presentations or simply record your favorite gaming moments, videos, Skype sessions, etc.




1. You can edit video files with a built-in Media Editor
2. The program offers three different capturing modes- Fullscreen, Region and Window
3. Comfortable and easy to use screen notes
4. It can be installed on any portable device
5. Support for hotkeys


1. The program is available only in five languages
2. Screenshot tool is very limited in features

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HyperSnap 3 is one of the best program for video capturing which offers a wide range of different features and tools.

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