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Infix PDF Editor 6 Pro Review

Infix PDF Editor 6 Pro Review

by March 13, 2015

Infix PDF Editor 6 Pro Review

PDF format is widely spread nowadays as a high standard for electronic sharing. Therefore a lot of people have to deal with various tasks relating to PDF files every day, for instance, read, edit, create, comment or fill them. There a lot of special programs which greatly simplify and make PDF editing as easy and comfortable as possible. Infix PDF Editor Pro 6 from Iceni Technology belongs to such kind of programs. Thanks to many advanced features, it offers plenty of different tools which can deal with any even hard task and creates perfect and high-quality PDF documents.

Download and Installation

The trial version of the program can be downloaded from the official Iceni website. It is about 60 MB in size.

There are three different versions of the program – Free is called Form-Filler), Standard and Professional. The full comparison list and main differences can be found on the screenshot below. Of course, I have chosen the Professional version for my review because it includes all the features and tools. The trial version has no limitations and you can use it as long as you wish, only a trial watermark is added to every PDF page.


The installation process is very easy and fast. Simply select the installation language, accept EULA, choose the installation location and some additional tasks, for instance, desktop icon, etc. That is all. Now the program is ready for use.

Installation 1

Installation 3

Installation 5

Installation 7


The interface of the program is very easy to use. It consists of Menu Bar (File, Edit, View, Document, Text, Object, Tools and Help) and Toolbar Menu on which are placed the most useful and necessary instruments, for instance, Open, Save and Print buttons, etc. Thumbnails pane is on the left side of the program. It includes some basic tools, i.e. rotate, insert, extract, replace and delete pages.

It is worth mentioning that the interface is highly customizable. You can easily remove some unneeded tools from the toolbar and add other necessary buttons.


The Main Features of the Program


Pages: Infix PDF Editor contains a lot of tools for editing PDF pages. You can perform various actions with PDF pages, i.e.

Insert New Page (by specifying its placement, size, and orientation).

Insert new page

Insert New Page from document (by specifying the number of pages to be inserted and its placement).

Insert from Scanner – If you have got a scanner you can insert a page directly from it into PDF document (simply specify the source- Flatbed, Automatic Document Feeder or Auto, and placement. In addition you can use OCR (i.e. Optical Character Recognition) by specifying the language and PFD style- Searchable or Editable text).

Insert from scanner

Extract Pages and save them as a new PDF page.

Extract pages

Delete Pages (additionally you have the possibility to delete only the current page, manually choose the desired pages or restrict them only to even or odd pages).

Delete pages

Replace Pages (i.e. remove unneeded pages by replacing and changing them with new ones from other PDF documents).

Rotate Pages (i.e. rotate pages 90% and 180% degrees clockwise or anti-clockwise).

Rotate pages

Resize pages (simply choose the number of pages to be resized; select one of the standard methods- A3, A4, etc. and manually customize the page width, height and units in percent, inches, cm, mm, points or picas).

Resize pages

Re-order Pages (very useful tool which allows you to change the location of the page and place it into a new location).

Re-order pages

Auto Crop Pages (with the help of this tool you can crop PDF pages automatically).

Auto-crop pages

Page Margins (the program allows you to edit and change the margins of PDF documents. You can easily adjust top and bottom or left and right margins of PDF manually by specifying the desired size in inches or centimeters. Margins can be applied to all the pages, specified pages or restricted to even and odd pages only).


Page Labels- Infix PDF editor 6 allows you add labels to the pages, i.e. not simply add page numbers but also split the entire PDF document into smaller sections or chapters. It is a very easy task. Simply choose start page and the desired prefix, for example, CH (short for Chapter), etc. and page numbers. The program offers the following numerical and graphic symbols:


Upper-Case Roman

Lower-Case Roman

Upper-Case Letters

Lower-Case Letters

Page labels

Watermark – Is very essential to protect created PDF documents from unauthorized using and distributing them on the Internet. The program allows you to add watermarks to PDF pages and not only simply add but also choose the location of the watermark (Background or Foreground), Opacity (from 25% faint to 100% solid), apply the watermark to the current page only, to all pages or restrict it to even and odd pages. You can use your watermarks by specifying its name or predefined built-in ones offered by the program, for example, Approved, Draft, Final, etc.).


Security – If your PDF file contains some confidential and personal information you can protect it from viewing or editing by securing with encryption and passwords.

The program offers four security levels:

Acrobat 3 (40 bit)

Acrobat 5 (128-bit)

Acrobat 6 (128-bit)

Acrobat 7 (128-bit AES)

You can set up both User Password (without it the PDF document cannot be opened) and Master Password (without it nobody can edit, print or copy PDF documents).


Word Count – Is a very interesting and useful tool. By means of this you can count the number of words in any page of a PDF document.

Change Log – Here you can view all the changes performed by the program and modified by you. In the opened window, you can see the exact date and time of modification and the number of modified pages.

User Restrictions – Below in the screenshot is shown those restrictions which disable, lock, etc. some options of the program.

User restrictions

OCR – The program supports so-called OCR technology, i.e. it can recognize a scanned image and transform it into an editable text.


Translate – PDF text can be exported to plain text or simple XML formats and imported again into PDF document again. Additionally you can substitute an original font and replace it with any other one.


The program contains a lot of useful tools for working with PDF text. They are:


Hand Tool –  allows you to scroll the pages up and down.

Magnification Tool – is used to zoom the text in and out.

Object Tool – is used for selecting text and objects in PDF documents. After selecting them you can perform various actions with them, for example, cutting, aligning, arrangement, insert signature or image, etc.

Rotation Tool – with this tool you can rotate objects in PDFs, for example, resize or rotate them 90% or 180% degrees, etc.

Text Tool – you can use this tool when you want to edit existing PDF text. It allows you to perform a lot of actions with texts, i.e. cut or copy it, change letter style or underline the words, align text and place it on the left and right, etc. or highlight; add paragraphs and lines, and so on.

Text-Plus Tool –  with the help of this tool you can add and edit a new text in PDF documents.

Text Connect Tool –  allows you to link texts together, split them up into paragraphs or merge vertically.

Crop Tool – just select the unwanted and unneeded text area and remove it from PDF documents.

Hyperlink Tool –  Hyperlinks greatly simplify the navigation in PDF documents and allow you easily to find needed section or chapter. You can add, for example, Internet links, etc.

Article Tool – is used to link article boxes together.

Pipette Tool – allows you to copy the color of any object and then use for filling other selected objects.

Commenting – with this tool you can add various comments to the existing PDF documents, for example sticky notes, and so on.

Stamps –  is used for adding stamps to the PDFs. You can use the self-made or inbuilt stamps offered by the program.

Drawing – in this section are collected five tools for creating geometrical objects, for instance, rectangle, ovals, ellipses, etc.


In this section are collected tools for working with objects in PDF documents. You can perform a lot of different actions with them, namely, arrange, align, scale, rotate or transform objects; group, lock or hide objects, add color, borders, and opacity, insert, replace or extract images.



In this section you can perform the following actions with PDF text:

Fonts – (use any of installed fonts and change them).

Size – (select and use different text and letter size).

Style – (the program allows you to use any letter style, i.e. Bold, italic, underline, Strikethrough, etc. In addition you can specify some options for underline and strikethrough letters. See the screenshots below).

Align – text left, right, in the center, etc.

Highlight – text by specifying its color, width and opacity.

Spacing –  i.e. you can add paragraphs, characters and lines to the PDF text; insert page numbers, for example, Roman numerals, etc.


Additional Features

Attach to email – you can attach the created PDF file directly from within the program without opening the email client installed on your system.

Join – you can merge several PDF documents together and create one bigger file.

Add Signature – to PDF pages. The program supports all known and popular image formats- JPG, TIFF, BMP and PNG.

Virtual Printer –  the program installs a special printer into the system. By the means of it you can create PDFs from any file, for example, from webpage, and so on.

System Requirements

Windows 2003 – Windows 8.1

1 GB of RAM

60 MB of free hard disk space



Infix PDF Editor Pro 6 includes practically everything for viewing, editing and creating PDF documents. It is very easy and comfortable to use. Nothing extraordinary is needed from the users. In just a few minutes, they will get accustomed to it and the great tools will be at their disposal. These tools are really great! With the help of the program, you can not only view PDF documents but also edit and modify them just like a Microsoft Word file. I highly recommend it if you want to get maximum results with minimal efforts from your PDFs. Infix PDF Editor Pro 6 is just that program which perfectly suits you.





A lot of tools for PDF editing
Strong PDF encryption
Very useful Find and Replace function
and much more


The program does not support conversion to Microsoft Word, Image, etc.
Very uncomfortable user manual

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Infix PDF Editor Pro 6 is a great application with lots of useful features. The program makes the process of working with PDF files very comfortable and easy.

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