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Internet Download Manager Review

Internet Download Manager Review

by February 14, 2015

Internet Download Manager Review

Of course it goes without saying that Internet is the most amazing place for everybody because you can find almost everything you need there. But after searching and finding something interesting every computer user has the same problem- and the name of this problem is a file download. Not everyone has a reliable or speedy Internet connection and downloading can be a real nightmare for them.

You can download files from the Internet with the help of any browser because all they have a special built-in tool for that. Unfortunately Internet browsers have only basic and non-configurable settings for easy and comfortable downloads. Basically you cannot fully manage the process of downloading.

But you can solve these problems quickly and effortlessly by downloading and installing a program which is called Internet Download Manager or simply IDM.

By downloading and installing IDM you can immediately solve several problems connected to file downloads. Firstly, you will get a universal program for downloading files from the Internet which can work smoothly with all popular browsers; secondly, it has a lot of highly customizable features which are absent in a built-in browser download tools; thirdly, you have the possibility to resume (re-download) interrupted downloads; fourthly, it can be extremely useful for scheduling any download; fifthly, run a virus scan of any download, and many others. IDM is specifically designed to accelerate the download process and it makes downloading as easy as drinking water. IDM separates a downloaded file into many small segments for faster downloading and then puts them together again after completing.  I am sure that many people out there already know about IDM, but let me say a few words about it.

Download and Installation

The installation file of IDM is very small; only 6 MB. It can be downloaded from the official site. The installation is very fast and easy, with just a few clicks you will be able to use the best download manager without any restriction for 30 days.


Some think that the interface of the program looks somewhat old-fashioned but it is not so. I like it very much. IDM does a great job and that it is the most important thing! All necessary elements are conveniently located and well-arranged. While looking pretty can be a bonus it’s not as important as ease of use or doing the job well.


There are six menu buttons on the top- Tasks, File, Downloads, View, Help and Registration.

Below the menu there are some download control buttons- Add URL, Resume, Stop, Stop All, Delete, Delete all Completed, Options, Scheduler, Start Queue, Stop Queue and Tell a Friend.

On the left side of the program there is a tree-like section of download categories which are divided into four parts- All Downloads, Unfinished, Finished and Queues.

The main window contains all the download files. It includes a bit of information about these files- 1.File Name, 2.Size of file, 3.Download Status, 4.Time Left, 5.Transfer Rate, 6.Last Try Date, and 7.Description.

Main Features of the program

In order to understand fully all the advantages of this program we will compare it to the browsers built-in download tool because only this comparison will show us its usefulness and quality.

Convenience of Use

Unfortunately browsers offer to save the downloaded files in one location. Of course, you can change the disk partition and the folder, but it is pretty much the only thing which you can do.




IDM, unlike the browsers, creates five different categories (Compressed, Documents, Music, Programs and Video) for downloaded files so you can easily find them. Additionally the program allows you to make as many new categories as you wish and specify what file types will be included in these folders.


Downloaded File Info and Actions

The browsers display only very basic information about a downloaded file, specifically, its name, size, location and time.

IDM contains some more detailed information; you can view file name, its size, status, transfer rate, description, added date, path to the folder and referrer.


The only two things you can perform during downloading process in the browsers are Cancel and Stop (or Pause).

IDM can not only do those as well but it can also schedule the file download for later.


The actions that can be performed after download in the browsers are very scarce– Search downloads, clear list and open the folder (in Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox), Show in folder, remove from list and open downloads folder (in Google Chrome).

IDM features more advanced possibilities; you are able to simply open the file location or open the file immediately with the default program, for instance, PDF files with Adobe Reader, etc. ; move, rename or re-download; remove or add to queue and, finally, view more information about the file or even add a description.

Some of these features are also present in browsers, but with IDM they are more convenient and easier to use.

It is very difficult to continue downloading a file after pausing it in the browsers; they often do not handle that properly resulting in wasted bandwidth and failed downloads. IDM performs this action seamlessly; it never fails and always achieves the best results.


Now it is high time to say a few words about the primary advantage of Internet Download Manager as compared with the browsers, namely, about the speed of the program. I selected a file which was 54 MB in size and downloaded it using three popular browsers- Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome. Below is the result of this test.

Internet Explorer- 45 seconds

Mozilla Firefox- 30 seconds

Google Chrome- 55 seconds

IDM could deal with it effectively in 10 seconds.


This feature is not presented in the browsers; only IDM can boast of it. It allows you to customize time parameters of downloaded files. It has many useful and important features. You can choose any hour and day for downloading, end download, open file after download, and many others. I think that it is can be extremely helpful for just about everyone because you can simply set the preferred time parameters and continue on with your work. The rest will be done by IDM. All downloads start and end at the specified time and of course at the highest speed.


Site Grabber

IDM has a very useful tool called Site Grabber. Using it you can download the whole web site or any part of it, for example, all pictures, audio or video files. A small wizard offers easy to use steps and configurations; just select then customize the desired actions. IDM will do the rest for you.

Filecritic 1


Filecritic 2


Filecritic 3

Video Grabber

Browsers do offer various add-ons for enriching some features, i.e. to add an additional feature to download any media content from the Internet. But it is sometimes very disadvantageous for the browsers as they become slower and clumsier when you start to use a lot of add-ons.

The greatest feature, which I like the most, is the so-called Video Grabber. With the help of this feature you can easily download media files from any video and audio portals. The list of such sites are unlimited in number- My Space, Google Video, and many more. If the program detects any media content on the site, a special pop-up tiny window Download this video will appear next to it offering to download it.

Video Grabber


Every program comes with basic and default options, but, of course, you can configure them and make it so that they meet your requirements. There is no need to say it but IDM has highly configurable options. By using them you can get the most of the program and make it as convenient and easy to use as possible.


You can launch IDM on startup or remove it from it, run a module for monitoring in IE-based browsers and others. IDM works well with all popular web browsers: Safari, Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Mozilla and Opera. But you can also add browsers if they are not listed in the IDM menu. Simply click “Add browser” and locate the executable file. You can also customize many other features, for example, IDM download panels in browsers, IDM menu items.


File Types

By default the program can handle and automatically download a wide range of video, audio, graphic, archive, etc. file types, for instance, AVI, RAR, GPG, ZIP, and so on. But IDM allows you to customize these file types easily, i.e. exclude some file types from downloading or, on the contrary include them in the list of files to download. Additionally you can enter some sites in the list of exceptions from where IDM will not start automatic downloads.

File types

Save to

Here you can customize saving options of the program, i.e. change file types, folders and name categories; add a new category by specifying its name and file types which will be saved there; select a default download category for general files, etc.

Save to


It contains default download settings of the program such as command line parameters and duplicate files options, etc. which are shown below on the screenshot. IDM includes a very useful tool called Virus checking which is worth noting. Every day you download a lot of various files from the Internet and it is quite possible that some of them will be very dangerous and contain malicious viruses. The program allows you to set up a default antivirus program installed in your system and have it scan files after downloading. It is very easy; just browse for the antivirus executable file. That is all. Now you are completely safe after downloading it will automatically scan the files and disinfect them if they contain any malware.



IDM automatically identifies connection type and speed of your computer but you do have a choice and may select the type and speeds that are available for your Internet connection. The program offers three choices- Low (Dial Up modem, etc.), Medium (DSL, etc.) and High (Ethernet, etc.). Selecting the appropriate connection type and speed is very essential because the program will choose the most preferable download configuration in accordance with your Internet settings. In addition you can also set the number of connections, download limits and exempt some servers from automatic downloads.


Proxy / Socks

A lot of people use proxy servers and socks to connect to the Internet. IDM allows you to configure and use these by specifying the server address, port, user name and password or even get this information from Internet Explorer if it is already set up there. IDM supports proxies for the following Internet protocols- HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and SFTP. Additionally you can exclude some addresses for which IDM will not use the proxy server.


Site Logins

Many sites and servers have restricted access for their download area sections. IDM offers a very useful and important feature called Sites Login which allows you to add such sites to the program list by entering your identification information, i.e. user name and password. The program will save them and next time you will be able to download everything from these sites without re-entering your login and password.

Site logins

Dial Up / VPN

Here you can configure your dial up and VPN settings by specifying your connection type, user name and password.

Dial up


Are you not satisfied with the silent operation of the program? No problem! You can add various sound effects to it, for example, when the download is completed or failed, etc. Only WAV sound files are currently supported.


System Requirements

Requirements are minimal and insignificant:

Windows XP- Windows 10

10 MB of free hard disk space

The program is available in more than forty languages.


I have already been using IDM for five years I can say that it offers amazing features that make the process of downloading files from the Internet as easy as ABC due to its advanced acceleration module and many other tools. It offers everything needed for easy and comfortable downloads for any file type.


1. Seamless support for all popular browsers
2. Support for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and SFTP Internet protocols
3. Support for downloading any media files
4. A lot of useful features such as Site Grabber, scheduler, etc.
And many others



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Internet Download Manager is the best download manager on the software market. I recommend it as a great alternative to any browsers built-in download tool.

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