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Internet Explorer still dominates over 50% of the browser market

Internet Explorer still dominates over 50% of the browser market

by AshwinNovember 4, 2015

Windows 10 may be gaining millions of users, but guess who is the rockstar of the browser market?

Microsoft Edge IE Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox usage
If your answer was Microsoft Edge, allow me to say you were not even close.

The leader amongst browsers according to Netmarketshare currently , and unbelievably and shockingly if I may say so,  is Internet Explorer. No seriously, IE is the most popular web browser with a whopping 50.86% of usage share for the month of October 2015.

And of those, only 24.36% are Internet Explorer 11 users, the rest of the numbers consists of IE 7 to 10 users. I don’t see how users would still use older insecure versions of the browser, it is a really sad state isn’t it?

Microsoft Edge IE Google Chrome Mozilla Firefox usage 2

The second most popular browser, realistically, is of course Google Chrome. The Mountain View company’s browser boasts 31% of the usage shares. Google may be killing off several features because not many users use them, but that surely isn’t driving users away.

And this is where the gap between the competition widens, and I mean it is really a long distance away. Mozilla Firefox sits at third, with a little over 11%. This number could take a hit in the future, as Mozilla is planning to migrate to WebExtensions, and also enforce mandatory Add-on Signing, both of which could drive some popular add-on developers away. This will not be helped by the fact that Mozilla is planning to introduce a new technology called Electrolysis, which will help the browser distribute the memory usage of each of its tabs in individual tasks, making it less of a memory hog.

Apple’s Safari browser has a share of 5%, which might seem pretty low, but we should take into account the fact that there are a lot less Mac users, than there are PC users. Opera sits at 5th place with just 1.28% of users.

Personally I would like to see Vivaldi gaining a large user base, the browser has plenty of superb features including customizing the placement of the address bar and the tabs bar.

If you are wondering how many users Microsoft Edge has compared to all the above mentioned browsers, you may be in for a bit of a shock. The new browser in Windows 10 has just 2.66%. The number is very low, compared to the 110 million users the operating system boasts. And it is unlikely that Microsoft Edge will gain more users until summer next year, because that is when the Redmond company says it will start rolling out support for Extensions in Microsoft Edge.