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Iobit Advanced SystemCare 8.3 adds support for cleaning Microsoft Edge

Iobit Advanced SystemCare 8.3 adds support for cleaning Microsoft Edge

by AshwinJune 16, 2015

Iobit Advanced SystemCare 8.3 adds support for cleaning Microsoft Edge aka Project Spartan.


It was just about a fortnight ago, that Piriform CCleaner 5.06.5219 added support for the new browser in Windows 10.

And Iobit’s Advanced SystemCare follows soon enough, as we head toward the fast approaching launch of Windows 10.

Microsoft only recently added support for viewing and deleting the browsing history, in Windows 10 Build 10122.

This is what the options in the prior version, i.e, Advanced SystemCare 8.2, looked like:

As you can see from the above images, the only browsers listed are Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, and Google Chrome. Neither Microsoft Edge nor its code-name, Project Spartan, is seen in the browser cleaning options in ASC v8.2.

And in comparison, this is what the options in the latest version, Advanced SystemCare 8.3 looks like:


The above image shows a new addition, simply called “Edge”, referring to Project Spartan. You can selecet the various areas of the browser which you need to be cleaned, although by default it will clean everything but the cookies.

Changes in Iobit Advanced SystemCare 8.3:

In addition to support for Microsoft Edge, the Advanced SystemCare 8.3 update also brings in several new features.

Privacy cleaning now supports Google Chrome 43, Mozilla Firefox 38.0, Opera 29.0, Skype 7.5, AIMP 3.6 and more tools. The Iobit Uninstaller has been updated to 4.3 for better cleaning and is more stable.


The Default Programs Tool (under the System Control) now supports several more programs: Nitro Reader 3, Nitro Pro 9, Pegasus Mail, The Bat and Becky.

The Startup manager has been improved, and now also has the ability to display the boot-time automatically, when you start your computer.


The 8.3 update also brings new databases for removing malwares, fixing the registry, software updater, the Surfing Protection, cleaning junk files, and the privacy sweep.

The ASC 8.3 update also brings some bug fixes, as well as some improvements to the GUI of the application.

While I still prefer Piriform Ccleaner to clear my browsing data once in a while, (read a couple of weeks), I use Advanced SystemCare on my computer for advanced cleaning. ASC’s pleasing GUI is an added bonus, and its Uninstaller can be quite handy. Though I do not like the Iobit Security Add-on, in fact I hate most browser security add-ons.

Download Advanced SystemCare from the official mirror at MajorGeeks. You can use the same installer to update your free version or your pro version.

Note: If you do not have Iobit Malware Fighter installed, the installer for Advanced SystemCare will offer to install it for you during the upgrade process. The option is unchecked by default, so just ignore it and proceed with the update.