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Iobit Advanced SystemCare 9 Pro Review

Iobit Advanced SystemCare 9 Pro Review

by January 19, 2016

Iobit Advanced SystemCare 9 Pro Review

As usual, the interface of Iobit Advanced SystemCare 9 Pro is very attractive and conveniently divided into five tabs- Clean and Optimize, Speed Up, Protect, Toolbox and Action Center.

Clean and Optimize- this tab includes 12 advanced modules (for example, Spyware removal, Registry clean, etc.) which allow you to clean and optimize the system performance.

Speed Up- in this tab you will find four useful modules (i.e. Turbo boost, Startup accelerate, Deep optimization and App / Toolbar cleaner) which allow you to speed up the system by accelerating startup items, performing thorough and deep optimization, removing malicious plugins and toolbars from browsers and activating a special utility Turbo boost.

Protect- this tab provides you with six powerful modules (for example, Homepage protection, Browser anti-tracking, etc.) that protect your browser and system from malware and hackers.

Toolbox- this tab contains 28 handy tools which allow you to repair the computer and optimize or clean the system.

Action Center- it contains info about other Iobit programs and provides links to buy them at the exclusive discount price.

It should be noted that the program has got a very customizable interface; you can change the default classic skin (Iobit also offers two additional skins- Dark and Readable, but you can get more fantastic skins by downloading them from the Iobit official forum page( and transparency.

Interface- Clean and optimize

Interface- Speed Up

interface- Protect

Interface- Toolbox

SpeedUp- Do you want to boost your system and browsers? If it is so, you will find four powerful modules- Turbo Boost (it allows you to select the most appropriate boost mode to accelerate the system, namely, Work, Game or Economy mode. For example, you have the possibility to disable system services, background apps, and so on), Startup Accelerate (with the help of this module you can efficiently manage all startup items and services), Deep Optimization (this module allows you to configure and optimize hard disk, network and system speedup, for example, LAN connection, DNS resolution speed, and so on) and App / Toolbar Cleaner (it allows you to remove malicious apps, plugins and toolbars).

Speed UP 1

Speed UP 2

Speed UP 3

Protect- it is very important to protect your online activity and system from malicious threats which may destroy the computer. Just for this reason the program’s developers have included six powerful modules in this tab. These modules protect you from malicious modifications of your homepage, Internet privacy traces, spyware, and so on.

Protect Tab

Toolbox- Iobit Advanced SystemCare 9 Pro allows you not only to clean, optimize, protect and speed up the operating system, but also perform a lot of other additional actions with the help of 28 useful tools. All these tools are conveniently divided into four groups:

Iobit Products- in this group you can find other standalone Iobit products; you have the possibility to download them and use together with other in-built tools offered by the program to increase its usefulness.

Security and Repair- this group includes eight tools which help you to repair the operating system problems, restore accidentally deleted files, delete sensitive documents securely, and so on.

System Optimize- this group also offers eight tools for optimizing system performance and speed.

System Clean- seven different tools are at your disposal in this group; with the help of them you can clean the system from unnecessary files.

If you want to enrich and enhance the functionality of the program, you can download and install six useful standalone applications offered by Iobit developers. The following Iobit applications are at your disposal:

Iobit Uninstaller- quite often after the removal of the program, a lot of traces are remained in the system, for example, invalid registry entries, hidden files, etc., and they waste disk space and slow down computer speed and performance. The Windows in-built tool for uninstalling programs, unfortunately, cannot remove all leftover files completely and the only solution is to use special applications called uninstallers which are specially designed to help computer users to remove not only programs, but also their traces in the registry and on the hard drive. Iobit Uninstaller belongs to such type of applications.

Iobit Uninstaller is a very simple, but at the same time, very powerful application which allows you to uninstall any program without leaving any traces on the computer.

The main interface of Iobit Uninstaller is very colourful and easy to use. On the left side there is a Tools sidebar divided into four categories- All programs, Toolbars and Plugins, Win manager and Tools. On the right side there is a working area where you can see a list of installed programs and offered tools. For convenience’s sake all installed programs are grouped in four categories- All programs, Recently installed, Large programs and Infrequently used. In addition, Iobit Uninstaller provides you with some details about each installed application, i.e. its size, install date and version.

The program offers two uninstallation modes- Standard Uninstall and Force Uninstall. In general, both modes are quite similar. The main difference is that in the forces uninstall you have to specify the path to the application EXE file, while in the standard mode you can simply remove any application by selecting from the list and click “Uninstall.”

The uninstallation process requires three easy steps; at first, Iobit Uninstaller creates a restore point, then removes a program from the computer and, finally, scans the file system and registry for leftovers and cleans them.

Among additional features of Iobit Uninstaller it is necessary to mention the following- Batch Uninstall (i.e. you can uninstall several programs simultaneously), Toolbars and Plugins (you have the possibility to view a list of all browser toolbars and plugins and safely remove them; the program supports four browsers- Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Opera), Win Manager (with the help of Iobit Uninstaller you can view and control startup programs, running processes and Windows updates) and Tools (the program includes four additional tools- Cleanup residual, Uninstall history, File shredder and Windows tools; Cleanup residual allows you to remove invalid shortcuts, clean Windows patch cache and Download folder; Uninstall history provides you with detailed information about each uninstalled program; File shredder helps you to delete confidential files from the hard drive without any chance of their recovery; and Windows tools provide a quick access to Windows in-built services and tools, for example, registry, security center, and so on).

Uninstaller 1

Uninstaller 2

Unistaller 3

Unistaller 4

Driver Booster- it is needless to say that outdated drivers can significantly affect the computer performance and cause system crashes; that is why it is highly recommended to monitor the drivers installed in your system and update them timely. With the help of this very useful application you can greatly facilitate the execution of this boring manual task and update all installed drivers with just three click of the mouse. All you need is to click on the big red button located in the center of the application and scan the system for outdated, missing and faulty drivers.

After the scan Driver Booster will inform you about the driver status of your system and display a list of all outdated and up-to-dated drivers. You have the possibility to update all drivers or manually select the desired ones and update only them.

Before updating drivers, you can view thorough details about each driver, for example, its version, date of release, publisher and devices using them. In addition, Driver Booster also allows you to uninstall or add drivers to the ignore list and export a list of outdated drivers as a text file.

The process of updating drivers is very easy and safe; only several simple steps are required to download and install new drivers. At first the program will download the required driver, and then install it. Of course, the download time is mainly depends on your Internet speed and the driver size, but it does not take much time.

The main advantage of the program is that it creates a restore point before updating drivers, so you can always roll back the system to the previous state and restore old drivers if anything goes wrong. All you need is to open the Rescue Center window and click “Restore”. That is all; the previous state of the driver will be immediately restored by the program.

Another great feature of the program is the possibility to back up all system drivers which will be safely placed in the special backup folder and easily restored if anything unexpected happens to the computer.

It should be noted that Driver Booster can fix some common problems, for example, correct sound, network and bad resolution issues.

The program offers a lot of useful options which can be configured in the Settings menu. For example, you have the possibility to scan for drivers at a fixed frequency (i.e. weekly, daily, etc.), automatically scan for newly connected devices and download drivers while PC is idle, and so on.

Main Window

Driver Details

Driver Backup

Rescue Center

Settings 1

Settings 2

Smart Defrag- The main advantage of modern hard drives is that you can use them for frequent recording and overwriting any file types because they are durable and intended for the long use. As a rule, a typical computer user installs and uninstalls programs, writes and deletes a lot of different files, for example, music, games, pictures, and so on. Of course, this frequent use leads to the fragmentation of the hard disk and greatly decreases the speed of the operating system. It is not an easy task to join all these scattered files together, but, fortunately, it is possible with the help of special applications called defragmenters. One of the best programs is Iobit Smart Defrag which allows you to defragment your hard drive correctly and reliably. The program has got a powerful defragmentation algorithm, very easy to use and intuitive interface and offers excellent defragmentation speed.

With the help of Smart Defrag you can defrag the hard disk using four different defragmentation methods, namely, Defrag Only (only the most fragmented files are defragmented without optimizing free space), Defrag and Fast Optimize (during this method all fragmented files are defragmented and free space are quickly optimized to speed up disk performance), Defrag and Fully Optimize (all fragmented files and free space are fully defragmented and optimized) and Defrag and Prioritize Files (this is the most advanced and longest defragmentation method; all files and free space thoroughly and fully defragmented and optimized).

For those users who have got SSD drives, the program offers a special TRIM method developed specially for them. It helps you to clean and optimize unnecessary data and increase SSD performance and speed.

In addition, the program also allows you to defrag games (all you need is to add game shortcuts to the program), separate files and folders (simply add desired files and folders) and those files which cannot be defragmented while the Windows is in use, i.e. perform Boot time defrag and optimize page files, MTF, etc.

You have the possibility to schedule a defragmentation task by specifying the desired defragmentation method, hard drive and time on the one hand and fully automate defragmentation process on the other hand.

Defrag 1

Defrag 2

Defrag 3

Defrag 4

Defrag 5

Malware Fighter is an advanced tool for removing malicious software which allows you to detect and get rid of unwanted applications such as adware, Trojans, spyware, bots, worms, etc. Thanks to the unique Dual-Core engine and heuristic detection module, the program is able to detect and disinfect any kind of malware quickly and efficiently.

Malware Fighter offers three different scan modes- Smart Scan, Full Scan and Custom scan which can be performed both manually and automatically.

The program protects you against various threats in real time; it allows you to protect startup items, files, network, etc. With the help of a special component called Browser Protect, you can protect your homepage, default search engine, block malicious plugins and toolbars, clear tracking data automatically after closing the browser, and so on.

In addition, you have the possibility to upload suspicious files to Iobit Cloud server for further analysis, enable Auto Scan of the system (only available in Pro version), create an ignore list, and a lot of others.

Malware Fighter is a very necessary addition to your main antivirus application for it helps it for detecting viruses on the one hand and gives you an additional layer of protection on the other hand.

Malware Fighter 1

Malware Fighter 2

Malware Fighter 3

The second tab “Security and Repair” includes eight utilities; they are as follows:

WinFix- this tool is available only in the Pro version. It allows you to fix various Windows problems after analyzing and scanning the computer. With the help of this utility, you can, for example, correct issues related to the Desktop (for instance, missing icons, link arrows, taskbar, and so on), System (for example, Windows Explorer, corrupted folders which cannot be opened and accessed, and so on), Security (for example, task manager, command prompt or registry editor, etc.), and a lot of others.

WinFix 2

WinFix 3

WinFix 4

PCtransfer- with this very useful tool you can back up all important data on your computer, for example, desktop files, office documents, pictures, music, etc. and transfer it to another partition or any external devices such as USB sticks, hard drives, and so on. Of course, Iobit Advanced SystemCare 9 Pro also allows you to add manually any desired folder for backing up; just click “Add Files” and add any needed files or folders.


Disk Doctor- everything can be damaged after long and frequent use; of course, hard drives are not an exception to this rule. They need constant care and maintenance. In other words, they need a personal doctor. Iobit Advanced SystemCare 9 Pro offers this personal doctor. Disk Doctor allows you to scan your drives for errors and correct them automatically. After a thorough search, the utility will give you full details about the current state of the disks and all found errors. Those details can be viewed and saved as a text file.

Disk Doctor 1

Disk Doctor 2

Undelete- if you have accidentally deleted any important files, you can take full advantage of this tool because it allows you to restore them. All you need is to select drives to scan for and file types to be searched for, for example, pictures, music, and so on. After the search, the program will display all found deleted files; simply check those files which you want to restore and select a folder to store files.

Undelete 2

Undelete 3

File Shredder- with the help of this tool you can delete important files and make them unrecoverable and inaccessible for other even with the most advanced recovery software. Two simple steps are required for complete deletion of sensitive data. At first, you have to select files or folders to wipe out and then a method to be used for deletion. Iobit Advanced SystemCare 9 Pro offers three different deletion methods- Quick Delete (it overwrites files with zeros), DoD 5220.22-M and Gutmann method.

File Shredder 1

File Shredder 2

Default Programs- this utility allows you to select a default application for opening images, audios, videos, etc. If you have got two similar applications, for example, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox, you can make one of them a default application and open Internet pages with the help of it. The same actions you can perform with image viewers, file compression, video players, and so on.

Default Program

IE Helper- with this tool you can manage and control the Windows context menu, for example, shell extension, etc., and Internet Explorer add-ons (i.e. Internet Explorer context menu, bars, toolbars, settings, and so on.

IE Helper 1

System Control- this tool helps you to manage, control and change different operating system settings. With the help of this tool you can perform a lot of actions, for example, change effects and animations, control Internet Explorer’s home page, favorites and menu; configure Internet connection; enable auto-play for removable disks and optical media; turn on Windows security center and Windows firewall, and so on.

System Control 1

System Control 2

The third tab “System Optimize” contains 8 tools for optimizing the system, i.e. Startup Manager, Smart RAM, Internet Booster, Auto Shutdown, Program Deactivator, Registry Defrag, System Information and ASC Portable version.

Startup Manager- all startup items and services which are loaded together with the operating system, can be effectively managed with this tool. This tool allows you to optimize your system boot time by disabling, deleting or delaying some items that consume a lot of system resources. In addition, you have the possibility to disable securely those browser toolbars and plugins of Internet Explorer which slow down its performance and speed.

Startup manager 1

Startup manager 2

Smart RAM- your computer uses a lot of memory and it is very slow? You can easily accelerate speed your PC with the help of this tool. It constantly monitors memory usage and increase it by using special Smart RAM compression technologies. All you need is to specify some settings and the program will significantly increase the memory usage.

Smart RAM

Internet Booster- your Internet speed is very slow? Your browser performance is very low? Do not worry! This tool will help you to fix all these problems. After specifying your bandwith speed, the program will display recommendations for improving and optimizing TCP (i.e. Transmission Control Protocol) and browsers, for example, network adapters, ports, and so on. The program supports Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Edge.

Internet Booster 1

Internet Booster 2

Auto Shutdown- the main function of this utility is very simple. It allows you to shut down, hibernate and restart the computer at the specified time. You can manually define the desired date, time and action.

auto Shutdown 2

Program Deactivator- some programs and services consume a lot of system resources and significantly slow down computer speed and performance. This tool is specially created to help you temporarily disable these programs and services and speed up the computer. The program displays info about the current load of each program and service (for example, low or high), so you can disable these applications which reduce your computer performance.

Program Deactivator

Registry Defrag- the Windows registry is a very important part of the system. All of the info about programs and services is stored there. If the registry is full of fragmented files, the computer performance is very slow. This tool allows you to defragment the registry and reduce fragments; repair structural errors and recover unused memory space.

Registry Defrag 1

System Information- this tool provides you with thorough info about each component of the system. You have the possibility to view details about your operating system, processor, memory, drives, video adapter, network, and so on. These details can be exported as a HTML file and printed.

System Information 1

The fourth tab “System Clean” offers seven tools for cleaning the system; they are as follows:

Registry Cleaner-it goes without saying that every computer user wants to keep the Windows registry clean and free from unnecessary and invalid items. This great tool is specially designed for those users; it helps them to keep the Windows registry in order. After thorough scanning, the program will display all found problems and remove them from the system safely. With the help of this tool you can clean the registry from invalid application paths and fonts, corrupted ActiveX components and obsolete shortcuts, and so on. Fortunately, Iobit Advanced SystemCare 9 Pro creates a restore point before deleting unnecessary files, so you have the possibility to restore performed changes and roll back the previous state of the system.

Registry Clean settings 1

Registry Errors Results

Disk Cleaner- with the help of this tool you can analyze and remove unnecessary files from your hard drive and significantly increase disk space. After analyzing the disk, the program will help you to get rid of all these junk files.

Large Files Finder- you do not understand why your hard drive is so full? This tool will help you to understand that. It will search your hard drive thoroughly and display the largest files which occupy the most disk space. You will be able to delete them if they are not needed.

Empty Folder Scanner- it is very difficult to search for empty folders manually. This tool allows you to scan the disk drive, find any empty folders and safely delete them.

Shortcut Fixer- this tool scans your system for invalid shortcuts and references and removes them safely.

Cloned files Scanner- this tool helps you to scan the system for cloned files and free up valuable disk space by removing them.

Process Manager- it displays all running processes and services of the system. You can view memory and CPU usage of each process and service, show detailed information, etc.

What is new in Iobit Advanced SystemCare 9 Pro?

Enhanced UI readability and added new Metro UI option.

Supported Windows 8/ 8.1/10, IE 11 and 32 languages.

Added start menu 8 for Windows 8/8.1/10 users.

Enhanced registry fix and vulnerability scan.

Improved Junk file clean and privacy sweep.

New surfing protection technology.

Improved Turbo Boost.

Added Iobit Uninstaller, Manage My Mobile, Driver Booster, Homepage Protection and Program Deactivator newly to Toolbox.

A full list of all new features and improvements can be found on the official Iobit website.

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

1 GHz processor or better

1 GB of RAM


Iobit Advanced SystemCare 9 Pro is an advanced software package which practically includes everything that you need for comprehensive and reliable maintenance of the Windows operating system. With the help of the program you can perform without any exaggeration unlimited actions. There is nothing that you cannot find in the program. Thanks to a lot of standalone applications which can be downloaded separately from the official Iobit websites and tons of modules and tools, you can keep your system at the peak of performance.


1. Several standalone tools for enhancing PC performance and security.
2. A lot of protective and cleaning modules and tools.


I have not found any. The program is really one of the best on the software market.

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