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IObit Advanced SystemCare 9 released and here’s what’s new in it

IObit Advanced SystemCare 9 released and here’s what’s new in it

by AshwinNovember 12, 2015

Iobit has just released version 9 of its popular Windows PC tweaking software, Advanced SystemCare, for all users.

Iobit AdvancedSystemCare 9

And let’s dive right in and see what’s new in it.

The UI of the app has received a major overhaul, compared to Advanced SystemCare 8. The new theme looks really good and polished, and the scan button stands out well.

Advanced SystemCare 9 consists of five main tabs, the primary one is what you see above, the Clean & Optimize section. This is what you are most likely to use often as it lets you clean the registry, your junk files and optimize the performance of your system.

The second tab is Speed Up, and helps your PC work faster, startup faster, and also lets your remove unwanted toolbars.

Iobit AdvancedSystemCare9 - Speed Up


The third tab is Protect, and as the name suggests, is intended to secure your PC from attacks and malware. Two options are Pro only, (explained below), but you probably won’t need them. The homepage protection is nice though.

Iobit AdvancedSystemCare 9 - Protect

The fourth tab, Toolbox, is a collection of individual modules, which you can run manually. The most notable ones here are the Startup manager, and the new option, ASC Portable Version, clicking on which, creates a new portable version of Advanced SystemCare 9, which you can carry on your USB flash drive.

Iobit AdvancedSystemCare 9 - Toolbox

Do note that the Toolbox tab advertises several Iobit Products in the left most column, these are not built into Advanced SystemCare 9, and need to be downloaded separately.

The final tab, Acyion Center, once again advertises Iobit’s other app’s and also displays the version of your isnstalled software, and whether an update for any of the apps are available. I recommend you use it to just find for updates, and manually download the new version from the respective developer’s website. I say this, because it is a safe practice to check whether a new version of a third party app, is stable enough to be used,

Iobit AdvancedSystemCare 9 - Action Center

Advanced SystemCare 9 has a hamburger menu in the top left corner, clicking on which opens the sidebar. The options to change the Font size of the app, as well as the themes are always welcome features. While that’s great, Iobit has oddly divided the options of the app, into Settings and Quick Settings, for some reason.

Iobit AdvancedSystemCare 9 - Sidebar

So, technically to get to these sections, you have to click twice, which is a bit much.

Iobit AdvancedSystemCare 9 - Quick Settings

Iobit Advanced SystemCare 9 free vs pro features:

As seen in the quick settings screenshot, Iobit has locked quite a bit of features behind a paywall, and these are the features which are exclusive to the Pro version of the app.

This includes the following components:

  • Full Detection – Deep scans your system for infections.
  • Auto RAM Clean – Refreshes the PC’s memory to improve the performance.
  • Registry Deep Clean – Deep scans the Windows registry for errors.
  • Browser Anti-Tracking – Erases the browser’s data automatically when the browser is closed.
  • AutoCare – Runs Advanced SystemCare 9 in the background automatically when the PC is idle.
  • AutoClean – Cleans the browsing history, cache etc automatically.

ASC 9 fully supports Windows 10, and includes support for Microsoft Edge.