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Iobit Driver Booster 3.1.1 released, and here’s what’s new in it

Iobit Driver Booster 3.1.1 released, and here’s what’s new in it

by AshwinDecember 19, 2015

Iobit has released a new version of its popular driver updating software, Driver Booster.

iobit driver booster

The update bumps the version number of the app from 3.1.0 to 3.1.1.

Let’s take a look at what the latest build adds. First of all there isn’t any change whatsoever to the UI, it is similar to the one which debuted with the beta version of the app, which we analyzed about 5 months ago.

One of the major changes to the app, is actually under the hood. The scanning engine has been better optimized to prevent scan failures. Driver Booster did find a couple of new drivers when we updated the app to 3.1.1 and ran a scan for updates. And the installation process of the drivers did seem to be much faster than the previous build, so in terms of performance the tweaks are certainly good.

Tools for fixing common problems:

Iobit says it has added some new tools for resloving common issues faced by users. There are a total of 4 tools which can fix major issues like no sound, network problems and more. These appear to be hidden iptions as there is nothing in the ui which can enable the tools (not even in the Pro version which we tested it). So it is likely that they will be triggered by the scanning engine when the detection process is ongoing.

Support for high res screens:

The company also states that it has improved the compatibility of the app, to work with better with high resolution monitors like 2K (Quad HD), 3K and 4K Uktra HD screens. Updating drivers should now be less of a hassle, thanks to the tweaks which Iobit says it has patched in to adjust the display settings, audio settings (and more) automatically.

Miscellaneous additions:

Driver Booster 3.1 now officially works on Touchscreen devices, which should make navigating around the app easier.

Iobit has also added support for three new languages in version 3.1.1 of the app. The new localization options include Arabic, Persian and Ukranian.

Download IObit Driver Booster from MajorGeeks. The app is about 13MB to download, and bears the version number, which you can verify by navifating to the app’s Menu > About page.

If you don’t have Iobit Advanced Sytem Care installed on your PC, the Driver Booster installer will offer to download it for you during the setup process. But you can uncheck the option, should you not want to install ASC.