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Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4 Review

Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4 Review

by March 2, 2016

Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4 Review

The Interface of the Program- the user interface of Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4 has not changed much as compared with the previous third version. Only some insignificant changes have been made by the Iobit developers and now it is much easier to use and navigate.

The main window of the program displays the current security status of the system on the one hand and four different tiles on the other hand, i.e. Scan (it provides access to the three scan methods of the program), Browser Protect (five different tools for protecting browser settings are collected in this tile), Security Guard (this tile provides you with a lot of tools for protecting system settings) and Action Center (in this tile you will find info about other Iobit applications and download and install them).

Interface 1

The Main Features of the Program

Scan- there are three different and advanced scan methods in the program, i.e. Smart scan, full scan and Custom scan.

Smart scan performs a quick scan of the system and analyzes only the most critical and vulnerable areas of the computer. Full scan is the most thorough and the fullest scan method of the program. It allows you to scan the entire computer, i.e. all internal hard drives on the one hand and each removable media devices connected to the PC on the other hand. Custom scan allows you to select manually those disks or areas that you want to scan.

The scan process is performed with two advanced anti-malware engines- Iobit and Bitdefender which help you to detect practically any kind of malware both known and unknown and safely disinfect them. If Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4 finds any malware on the computer, it will display all of them and you will be able, for example, add them to the Whitelist, save as a log file, and so on.

By default the program automatically removes all detected malware threats from the computer, but you have the possibility to select other options, too; for example, you can shut down, restart, hibernate or sleep your PC after removing malicious items.

Scan results can be saved as a log file in a text document format. In this log file you will find the fullest details about performed scan, i.e. used scan mode, the duration of the scan, the number of scanned objects and found threats.

In addition, if you think that found threats are not malicious, you can report false positive to the Iobit development team for the further analysis by saving a log file and posting it on the Iobit forum page.

Smart Scan 1

Smart Scan 2

Of course, if you want to modify or change some default scan parameters offered by the program and select those options which meet your requirements and preferences you can easily specify them in the Settings menu. Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4 allows you to specify manually those options which will be performed before, during and after the system scan for viruses. The program provides the following options to configure:

Scan Settings- here you can define ways of scanning files for viruses. With the help of the program you can scan compressed files (i.e. ZIP and RAR files), skip files which are larger, for example, than 50 MB or 100 MB and specify the scan priority (there are three options at your disposal- low, normal and high priority). In addition, you can cause the program automatically to quarantine detected threats after removing them.

Auto Scan- scan options found in this menu are available only in the Pro version. Here you can select one of three auto scan modes; i.e. in other words, you can scan the computer at a scheduled time, when the system is idle or disable automatic scan of the computer completely. Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4 allows you to schedule the scan and run it at suitable day and hour. In this section you can specify the desired day and hour.

In addition, you can also choose the preferred scan methods, i.e. smart scan, full scan or custom scan.

Whitelist- as a rule, we have a lot of different files and folders which are very important for us and, of course, we do not want to scan them for viruses. This feature of the program is specially created for this purpose; with the help of it you can exclude files and folders from the scan process. All you need to do is just to specify those files and folders and add them to this whitelist. All selected items will be skipped during the virus scan.

Quarantine List- all suspicious and malicious items detected by the program can be managed and controlled in this section. You can delete or restore them if you think that they are not dangerous and harmful for your system.

Scan Settings 1

Scan Settings 2

Scan Settings 3

Scan Settings 4

Scan Settings 5

Browser Protect- it goes without saying that the Internet is a great place for getting a lot of useful information and we access it using web browsers. But, unfortunately, they are very vulnerable to virus attacks because there a lot of malicious websites which contain dangerous applications and these applications can easily infect the computer. Just for this purpose, Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4 provides you with five useful tools which help you to browse the Internet safely and securely; they are as follows- Homepage protection, Anti-tracking, DNS protect, Plugin / Toolbar cleaner and Surfing protection. With the help of these tools your Internet activity will be harmless and pleasant.

Homepage Protection- unfortunately, there are a lot of harmful and malicious applications which are specially created to modify your default homepage and search engines. With the help of this very useful tool you can control and manage your homepage and search engine on the one hand and protect them from malicious modifications on the other hand. Currently, Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4 supports only two popular web browsers- Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The program allows you to use a default homepage and search engine or manually specify any desired ones, for example, Bing or Google. If any applications or viruses try to change applied options, Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4 will block them automatically.

I think that it is a very useful tool because it provides an additional layer of protection against viruses.

Anti-tracking- this feature is available in the Pro version only. After closing browsers, a lot of surfing traces are left in them and, of course, they can be used by hackers to track your online activity. This tool helps you to avoid this danger because it will automatically clean those traces after closing web browsers. Currently Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4 supports three browsers- Internet Explorer, Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox.

DNS Protect- short for Domain Name System, i.e. a certain database that stores all the domain names and IP addresses. DNS service helps you to determine and search certain resources on the Internet; in other words, it helps you to access websites. It is very important to protect your DNS settings against hackers because they can modify defined settings and gain access to your personal info by redirecting you to the specially created artificial websites.

This tool allows you to protect your DNS settings against virus attacks. You have the possibility to select one of five DNS providers offered by Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4, for example, Google or Verizon DNS servers, and so on.

In addition, you can also specify the desired server address manually.

Plugin / Toolbar Cleaner- there are plenty of plugins and toolbars which, as a rule, are very useful because they significantly extend usefulness and possibilities of browsers by adding many necessary features to them. With the help of this tool you can protect your browsers against malicious plugins and toolbars. Currently only two browsers are supported by the program- Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox.

Browser Protect tile

Page protection

Surfing Protection- unfortunately, there are a lot of malicious websites on the Internet, for example, phishing websites or websites with harmful contents. This tool helps you to protect your computer against these dangerous websites and makes your online activity safer and more secure.

Security Guard- I think that there is no need to say that the computer should be protected not only from various online threats but also from a lot of other internal or external threats which can easily infect the system. Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4 offers 8 security modules or guards which allow you to block malicious threats and prevent them from penetrating into the system. All you need to do is to activate them; nothing more. The rest will be done by the program without your intervention. They are as follows:

Network Guard- this module allows you to block those web pages which contain malware.

File Guard- thanks to this module your computer will be always under the protection because it immediately scans any unknown files after running them and block malware.

Startup Guard- with the help of this module you can control any startup applications which automatically starts together with the operating system. Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4 checks each startup item and blocks it if it is malicious.

Cookie Guard- this module is specially created to protect your privacy, i.e. in other words, it deletes info about visited websites, i.e. cookies.

Security Reinforce-this module helps you to protect some system settings and services, for example, Windows Firewall, Desktop services, and so on.

Process Guard- this module controls RAM and blocks malicious in it.

USB Disk Guard- with the help of this guard you can protect the computer against USB viruses, i.e. from those viruses which are in USB sticks, external hard drives, and so on.

Malicious Action Guard- thanks to using behavioral algorithm, Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4 helps you to protect the computer from all known and unknown threats.

It should be noted that these security guards work in real time and constantly monitor any changes in the system. Thorough info about every action performed by the program can be found in the tab called Protect History. This tab displays the fullest details about analyzed files and removed threats. Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4 allows you to save these details as a text file.

Security Guard- Protection

Protect History

Security Reinforce

Cloud Security- for more reliable and effective protection of your computer, Iobit Malware Fighter 4 Pro offers Cloud Security which allows you to upload suspicious and unknown files to the Iobit Cloud service for thorough analysis. Thanks to this Cloud technology, you can protect the computer against threats in real-time using data from other Iobit community members.

Cloud Security

What is new in Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4?

Added the world’s leading Bitdefender anti-virus & anti-malware engine for more comprehensive protection
New IObit anti-malware engine for more deeply and efficiently threat detecting and removing
A 10X larger database supports the removal of over 100 million hidden malware and viruses
Dramatically enhanced the scan speed by adopting cache scan mechanism
Minimize the resource usage during threat scanning and removing for smoother PC experience
Enahnced real-time protection to block more malware and viruses proactively
New quarantine method for more effective deletion and easier restore
New UI, simpler and easier to use
Enhanced Browser Protect for safer and smoother browsing
Fully support with Windows 10.

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

1 GHz processor or faster processor

1 GB of RAM

1,000 MB of free hard disk space.


I can say without any exaggeration that the new version of Iobit Malware Fighter Pro is really very good and useful. The Iobit developers made a lot of improvements and added plenty of new features. Now the program offers much more thanks to using two advanced anti-malware engines- Iobit and Bitdefender. It is still a high standard for detecting, blocking and disinfecting any kinds of malware. With the help of the program you can reliably protect your computer from online and all other threats.

Iobit Malware Fighter Pro 4 is still compatible with other security programs, so you can use it as an additional layer of protection and keep the system free from viruses and other malicious threats.


1. A lot of improvements and new features.
2. Two advanced anti-malware engines.
3. Three different scan methods.
4. Five tools for protecting browsers.
5. Eight tools for protecting the system.



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