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Iobit Malware Fighter Pro Review

Iobit Malware Fighter Pro Review

by January 7, 2016

Iobit Malware Fighter Pro Review

It is no wonder that the interface of Iobit Malware Fighter 3.4 is very colorful and easy to use like other Iobit software products. At the top of the main screen the program displays the current state of your computer protection with details about the database and last scan of the system.

A little below, in the center of the main window there are four different tiles that provide quick access to the main tools and features of the program. They are as follows: Scan, Browser Protect, Security Guard and Action Center.

Scan- this tile contains three different scan methods offered by the program- Smart Scan, Full Scan and Custom Scan.

Browser Protect- in this tile you will find various protection modules for safe Internet browsing in real-time, for example, Homepage protection, and so on.

Security Guard- this tile contains a lot of security modules for protecting your system from malicious threats in real-time such as Network Guard, File Guard, and so on.

Action Center- here you can find other useful Iobit applications which the developers offer for download to increase your system protection and performance. All you need is to click on the “Get now” button and they will be immediately downloaded and ready for use.

Interface- main

Interface- Browser Protect

Interface- Security Guard

The Main Features of the Program

Scan- of course, antivirus applications protect the computer against viruses and warn you about the danger of malware infection in real-time, but I think that it is highly recommended to run a scan of your PC from time to time to be secure of its health. Just for this reason, Iobit Malware Fighter 3.4 offers three different scan methods, namely, Smart scan, Full scan and Custom scan.

Smart Scan- this is the fastest scan method of the program. During this scan only the most critical areas of the computer are scanned for that are the most vulnerable to malware attack. Upon the scan completion, Iobit Malware Fighter 3.4 will display thorough info about each infected item by specifying its threat type and status. You have the possibility to remove these security threats immediately or add them to the ignore list if you think that they are not harmful for your computer. In addition, the program allows you to save the scan report as a text file which contains full details about used scan method, scanned objects and found threats. This log file can be uploaded to the Iobit forum website in a case of a false positive for further analysis by Iobit professional experts.

Full Scan- it is the most thorough scan method offered by the program. Unlike Smart Scan, it scans not only the most critical areas of the system, but also the entire computer, i.e. all hard drives and partitions. It is needless to say that it is much lengthier as compared with Smart scan method, but, of course, it is more comprehensive and complete. The duration of Full scan depends on the capacity of your hard drives and the number of files. Sometimes it may take more than hour to complete, but I think that it is recommended, more than that, necessary to run it at least once a month. After the scan completion, you can perform the same actions with detected malware as it was stated above, i.e. delete found threats, add files to the ignore list, save results as a text file, and so on.

Custom Scan- with the help of Iobit Malware Fighter 3.4 you can not only scan the entire computer, but also take full advantage of Custom Scan offered by the program; it allows you to select manually any area of your hard drive to scan or any folder and file. You have the possibility to scan, for example, only system critical area or memory process, and so on.

In addition, it should be noted that the program integrates itself into the Windows Explorer menu, so you can scan any file or folder using so called right-click of your mouse.

Smart scan 1

Smart scan 2

Full Scan

Custom scan

Right-click scan

The program allows you to effectively customize scan settings and select those options which are useful and needful for reliable and efficient protection of your computer. You have the possibility to add those files and folders to the program’s ignore list which you do not want to be scanned for malware, manage quarantined items, define some scan settings (for example, you can skip files which exceed the certain specified size or ignore compressed files during the scan, and so on) and choose the desired way to run auto-scan (Iobit Malware Fighter 3.4 offers three different auto-scan modes, i.e. the program will scan your computer when it is idle or scan it at a scheduled time, for example, every day, every week, etc. If you do not want to scan the computer automatically, simply check the appropriate button. In addition, you can also specify one of three scan methods offered by the program.

Scan- Scan Settings

Scan- Auto Scan 1

Scan- Auto Scan 2

Browser Protect- this tile contains five useful modules for protecting your browser and Internet surfing from malicious modifications and harmful malware. They are as follows- Homepage protection, DNs protect, Surfing protection, Plugin and Toolbar cleaner and Anti-tracking.

Homepage Protection- there are a lot of malicious scripts and applications which easily can change your default browser homepage, more than that, infect the whole system. It is very easy to prevent changing such an undesirable modification of your browser settings; all you need is to use this special module offered by Iobit Malware Fighter 3.4. After activating this module, the program will block any attempt of unauthorized change of your default homepage. With the help of the program you can select the desired homepage and search engine, for example, Bing. Currently Iobit Malware Fighter 3.4 supports only two browsers- Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox; I hope that the Iobit developers will add other browsers too soon.

DNS Protect- unfortunately, there are tons of malicious websites on the Internet which contain harmful codes and they can easily infect your computer. Thanks to this very useful module, you can effectively protect your DNS (i.e. Domain Name System) and prevent its undesirable modifications. Iobit Malware Fighter 3.4 offers three different options to protect your DNS against malware, i.e. you can leave your current DNS settings without change, use certain public DNS providers (for example, Google, Verizon or Comodo, and so on) or manually enter the preferred DNS server addresses.

The importance of this module is very high because proper management of the DNS settings are crucial to ensure the efficiency of your system.

Surfing Protection- the World Wide Web (or simply Web) opens the door to the amazing virtual world with a lot of info and useful services. Our life is much easier now because we can perform plenty of actions without leaving our home, for example, buy different things from the online stores, watch movies on the video portals, and so on. It is enough to click the mouse and this magical world will be at your disposal. But, unfortunately, everything has got the other side of the coin and the Internet is not an exception from this rule. There are a lot of malicious websites which contain malware and malicious codes and they can infect the computer.

This module will effectively protect your browser and your Internet activity against phishing, malicious and plenty of other dangerous websites. Thanks to Surfing Protection module your system stability, security and protection will be doubled because it adds an additional layer of protection to it. Do not forget to enable it!

Plugin and Toolbar Cleaner- all modern browsers support plugins and toolbars and their main function is to expand the functionality of the browsers, for example, you can install plugins for listening to the Internet radio or viewing the weather forecast in your city or country, and so on. Some of these plugins and toolbars are harmless and can be used without damaging and infecting the system, but, unfortunately, a lot of them are very harmful. With the help of this module, you have the possibility to protect your browser from these malicious plugins and toolbars. Iobit Malware Fighter 3.4 supports Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox browsers.

Anti-Tracking- this module is available in Pro version only. It is a well-known fact that after closing a browser, a lot of vulnerable traces are left in it and can be used by hackers for hacking into the computer. The module helps you to prevent this unpleasant action because it will automatically clean all these traces as soon as it is closed.

Browser Protect

Homepage protection

Security Guard- Iobit Malware Fighter 3.4 offers efficient and reliable ways for thorough and complete protection of all system elements. In this tile you can find two tabs- Protection and Protect History; of these two tabs the former includes nine security modules or guards and the second complete info about each scanned object and found threats in real-time. With the help of these nine modules (or guards) you can protect Network (i.e. block malicious Internet pages), Files (it helps you to identify and disinfect threats in unknown files), Startup (i.e. it blocks suspicious and harmful startup items), Cookies (it prevents the spread of your info), Browsers (this guard protects your browser from malicious modifications), Processes (it disinfects malicious processes in RAM), USB (it protects you from viruses which spread through USB flash drives) and any other malicious actions that are potentially harmful.

In addition, Iobit Malware Fighter 3.4 includes a special guard called Security Reinforce that helps you to protect some system settings and services, for example, Windows Firewall, Desktop services, and so on.

Security guard

Security gurad 2

Cloud Security- for more reliable and effective protection of your computer, Iobit Malware Fighter 3.4 offers Cloud Security which allows you to upload suspicious and unknown files to the Iobit Cloud service for thorough analysis. Thanks to this Cloud technology, you can protect the computer against threats in real-time using data from other Iobit community members.

Cloud Protection

What is new in Iobit Malware Fighter 3.4?

Continually expanded database to remove the latest threats

Added the removal of DNS Unlocker, Magical Find, Trade Exchange, hijacker, etc.

Enhanced the stability for better Win 10 support

Updated localization files.

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

1 GHz processor or faster

512 MB of RAM memory

60 MB of free hard disk space.


Iobit Malware Fighter 3.4 is an advanced application for detecting and disinfecting malicious files; it allows you to block unwanted viruses such as spyware, adware, Trojans, keylogger, and so on. Thanks to the program you can reliably protect your system and Network. It contains many protection modules which let you protect your browser settings, for example, homepage, cookies, etc. and the system, i.e. startup items, USB drives, etc.


1. It protects your system in real-time against any kind of malware
2. It has got a very intuitive interface with multilingual support
3. It includes a lot of useful protective modules.


Some modules, for example, malicious website blocking, need to be improved.

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