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Iobit Uninstaller 5.2 update adds better app removal, download folder cleaning

Iobit Uninstaller 5.2 update adds better app removal, download folder cleaning

by AshwinDecember 24, 2015

Iobit has released a new update to its Windows program uninstallation tool, Iobit Uninstaller.

Iobit Uninstaller 5.2
Version 5.2 is not much of a feature update, but does bring in some important changes.

The app’s Force Uninstall option, which removes programs forcibly, when the program’s regular uninstaller won’t work, has been improved. And so has the Powerful Scan, the module which scans for remnant files, folders and registry entries. Both these modules should now work faster, clean better, and remove apps in a safer way.

Iobit Uninstaller 5.2 will now remove programs more efficiently, thanks to improvements in the Enhanced uninstall mode.

The good thing about Iobit Uninstaller is the automatic pop-up, which is displayed when you remove apps, and which shows you the amount of remnants the removed app leaves, and offers to delete them. I tend to use this often, despite having Revo Uninstaller on my PC, when I’m uninstalling several apps.

Besides removing programs, which is the primary function of Iobit Uninstaller, the app has several built-in tools. One of these functions, is to clean the Download Folder on your PC, to free up some disk space.

This module, however poses a small danger, in that it deletes files/folders permanently, without allowing you to check-up on the ones you might want to retain. This changes with Iobit Uninstaller 5.2, which will now send files to the Recycle Bin, instead of wiping them off. Now you will be able to check the Recycle Bin manually, should you wish to restore any file or folder.

Oddly version 5.1 does not show up the new update. But fret not, for you can manually Download Iobit Uninstaller 5.2 from Major Geeks. The build number of the app is

Word of warning, when you run the app’s installer to update your existing installation (or a new install) does have the option to install “Iobit Advanced System Care” pre-enabled by default. Remember to uncheck the option should you not want to install ASC, on your PC.

There is a minor bug in the latest version of Iobit Uninstaller, which could be slightly annoying. The app does not display the icons of the installed apps in the “All Programs” module, and instead uses the default Windows EXE icon. A small workaround for this issue is to navigate away to another section of the app, or by leaving the app open for a while. This however, does not always work, especially when you have several apps installed on your computer.