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Iobit Uninstaller 5 Review

Iobit Uninstaller 5 Review

by January 13, 2016

Iobit Uninstaller 5 Review

What do you do when you want to get rid of unnecessary applications from the system? Of course, you simply uninstall them. How do you uninstall those applications? As a rule, you go to the Windows Control Panel section and remove them. The question is not what you do when you want to remove programs; the question is how you do that.

Unfortunately, the in-built Windows utility for uninstalling programs cannot completely remove them. Quite often, after the removal of the programs, a lot of traces are left in the system, for example, invalid registry entries, hidden files, empty folders, and so on; more than that, sometimes the programs cannot be removed at all.

Very often the only solution to uninstall the programs completely is to use special applications called uninstallers, i.e. such programs which help you to remove both applications and all their elements from the computer. Iobit Uninstaller 5 is just that program which allows you to uninstall any (even very stubborn) programs without leaving any traces of them in the system.

Interface- Iobit Uninstaller 5 has got a very friendly and easy to use interface; so it is suitable for both beginners and professionals and gives them the possibility to remove quickly and safely any unneeded application from the computer with a minimum of effort.

The main interface of the program is divided into two parts- Tools Menu (all main tools are listed here) and Work Area (it displays a list of installed programs and available tools).

Tools menu is divided into four categories:

All Programs- for convenience’s sake all installed applications are sorted out into four groups, so you have the possibility to find any application quickly and easily. Iobit Uninstaller 5 offers the following four groups- All programs, Recently installed, Large programs and Unfrequently used.

Toolbars and Plugins- in this category you will find tools for managing toolbars and plugins of your browser.

Interface 1

Win Manager- this category contains three tools which allow you to view and control startup items, running processes and Windows updates.

Tools- Iobit Uninstaller 5 offers four useful tools- Cleanup residual, Uninstall history, File shredder and Windows tools; all they are at your disposal in this category.

Toolbars and Plug-ins- toolbars significantly enrich and enhance the functionality of browsers because they add a lot of useful elements to it, for example, YouTube downloader, translation plugins, and so on. With this tool you can effectively manage and control these toolbars and plugins, for example, open registry keys, search for toolbars and plugins online or simply remove them from the browser if you do not need them anymore. Currently Iobit Uninstaller 5 supports four browsers- Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera and Internet Explorer.

Uninstall Process- The program offers two uninstallation modes- Standard Uninstall and Force Uninstall. In general, both modes are quite similar. The main difference is that in the forces uninstall you have to specify the path to the application EXE file, while in the standard mode you can simply remove any application by selecting from the list and click “Uninstall.”

The uninstall procedure is quite simple and requires only three easy steps to complete. In the first step you have to create a restore point (it is an optional step in the program and you can skip it, but it is recommended to enable it before uninstalling an application because it allows you to roll back the previous state of the system if anything unexpected happens). In the second step the program will start the uninstallation process and completely removes the application. The third step is very important; it provides you with a very advanced feature called Powerful scan. With the help of this scan you can search the system for leftover files and invalid registry entries left after removing the program. All these junk and unneeded files and registry keys will be displayed in the program; you have the possibility to select manually those files entries and delete them.

It should be noted that Iobit Uninstaller 5 integrates in the Windows context menu, so you can remove any application just using the right click of the mouse and supports Batch uninstall, i.e. you have the possibility to uninstall several applications at the same time.

Force Uninstall 2

Force Uninstall 3

Standard Uninstall

Win Manager- this category includes three utilities- Startup manager, Process and Windows updates. All these utilities are new and available only in this 5th version of the program.

Startup- do you want to know and view what programs are loaded during the system boot? It is very easy thanks to this utility offered by Iobit Uninstaller 5. The program displays all these applications, but, unfortunately, the number of operations which can be performed with the help of this utility is very limited. The program only allows you to uninstall, delete, disable or enable startup applications; no other actions are offered by the program.

In addition, it should be noted about a very useful feature of the program called “Search Online”; with the help of it you can find more details about any startup application online and make certain of its usefulness.

Interface 7

Process- a lot of non-Windows processes run in the background while using the computer and they significantly reduce the system performance and speed. In this section you can view all these processes and safely disable or uninstall them if they are not necessary and crucial for the proper functionality of the system.

Interface 8

Windows Update- it is needless to say that updates are very important for the smooth and correct working of the operating system. As a rule Microsoft releases critical updates at least once a month for correcting various bugs and issues. In this section you have the possibility to view all your installed updates and get short info about them, for example, name, install date and version. If you want to uninstall updates by some reasons, you can easily do that here.

Tools- four different useful tools are at your disposal thanks to Iobit Uninstaller 5; they are as follows- Cleanup residual, Uninstall history, File shredder and Windows tools.

Cleanup Residual- this tool includes three utilities- Invalid shortcuts, Windows patch cache and Download folder.

Invalid Shortcuts- this tool allows you to remove invalid shortcuts in the Windows start menu, desktops, and so on, which are left in your system after the removal of the programs. These shortcuts refer to non-existing applications and greatly reduce system performance and speed. Thanks to this tool you can significantly increase and improve the system functionality on the one hand and clean up the hard disk from unnecessary and junk files.

Windows Patch Cache- in the Windows patch cache are accumulated a lot of unneeded files after installing updates, patches, etc., and they consume valuable disk space. As a rule, they are unnecessary after updating or patching and can be safely removed from the system. This utility is specially designed for that. It will help you to get rid of them and clean up disk space and make your system run smoothly.

Download Folder- every day we download a lot of different files from the Internet, for example, songs, movies, books, applications, and so on. As a rule, all these files are stored in the special download folder. Quite often we simply forget to clean up this folder and over time it is getting larger and larger and consumes a lot of disk space. Thanks to this tool, now you have the possibility to control all downloaded files effectively and remove all unneeded files from it.

Interface 10

Uninstall History- with the help of this tool you can keep track of every uninstalled program from your system. Iobit Uninstaller 5 provides you with thorough info about uninstall date, size and status of every removed application; more than that, you have the possibility to view every deleted registry key and entry.

Interface 11

File Shredder- every file deleted using Windows in-built utility, can be easily recovered with the help of special applications. If you have got plenty of confidential files and want to remove them safely without any chance of their recovery, you can take full advantage of this tool. It allows you to delete any file or folder and nobody will be able to restore them. All you need is to select the desired files or folders, add them to the program and, finally, click on the “Shred” button. All files and folders will be permanently removed from the system.

Interface 12

Windows Tools- this section is mainly of use for unexperienced users; it provides them with quick access to Windows main tools and services. With this tool you can quickly access the following Windows utilities- System Information, Windows features, Security center, and so on.

Interface 13

What is new in Iobit Uninstaller 5?

New Win Manager Module to manage start-up items, processes and Windows updates.

4 new tools: Cleanup residual, Uninstall history, File shredder, Windows tools.

Newly supported uninstalling programs like some antivirus programs.

Enhanced Toolbar and plug-in removal monitor and remove malicious browser plug-ins and injected programs.

Full support for Windows 10.

Brand new UI and two new skins

And much more.

The full list of new features and improvements can be found on the official Iobit website.

System Requirements

Windows XP- Windows 10

512 MB of RAM

100 MB of free hard disk space

1 GHz processor.


Summarizing all features of the program, we can state without any exaggeration that Iobit Uninstaller 5 is really a very good alternative to the Windows in-built tool. Despite the fact that it is free of charge, it offers a lot of useful tools and utilities. With the help of this program you can safely uninstall any application (even the most stubborn) without leaving any leftover files in the system.

More than that, thanks to several useful tools, you can perform additional actions, for example, control and manage toolbars and plugins, unrecoverably delete confidential files, and so on.

Iobit Uninstaller 5 is a very handy application for those who want to get maximum results without paying any penny.


1. It is completely free.
2. It offers two methods for uninstalling applications.
3. It includes several useful tools.



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Free, but powerful application for uninstalling any application.

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