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Kaspersky releases Windows 10 compatible products and here is an early review of it

Kaspersky releases Windows 10 compatible products and here is an early review of it

by AshwinJuly 29, 2015

Remember my write up about Kaspersky products not working in Windows 10.


Well, the company has released Windows 10 compatible products as promised.

I have to admit, Windows 10 has been a terrific experience for me, ever since I began using using it as my primary operating system, with  Build 9926, which as released in January this year. But it hasn’t been the case with security software, I have moved from one antivirus to another and ended up testing 4 products over the last 6 months, until I settled for one which I found to be stable on my computer.

But I was being denied to use a solution which I have a premium subscription of. The frustration was that Kaspersky did not even bother to release a public beta version of its security products for Windows 10. This has not only annoyed me, but a lot of their consumers who have have criticized their policy on the company’s forums and on social networks, and some of those irated users have likely moved on to use other security solutions.

Every single message posted over at the Kaspersky forums, were met with a curt reply, that it will be “available soon after Windows 10 is launched”, while some representatives of the company claimed that “Windows 10 is not even ready”, and that users should stop asking for compatible Kaspersky products. Try telling that to well over 5 Million users who have been part of the Windows Insider program for several months.

Well that changed today, when Kaspersky awoke from its deep slumber, and suddenly released Windows 10 compatible products for all of its security software. You can download the products of your choice from this page on the Kaspersky website. I noticed the update last night, and since I already own a 3 year/3 PC license for Kaspersky Internet Security, I immediately downloaded it.

The version available at the website is Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 Version 2015 (, but the moment I ran the installer it prompted me that a new version is available, and that I should download it.The current version of the app is Version 2015 (


The installation went fine but the app caused Windows 10 to freeze, when I opened the activation window. After a forced restart however, Kaspersky Internet Security 2015 worked fine, and I activated my subscription, and updated to the latest database. I have been using it for over 12 hours and can confirm that the application works fine, and this includes all the browser extensions as well.

Scans run fine, and I see no slowdowns in apps or the internet speed either. Yet, Kaspersky has published a list of limitations which affect Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 and Kaspersky Internet Security 2015. The company states that it will fix all the issues in future updates.

As you may have already read my previous article today, Microsoft Windows 10 has been officially released today.