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KB3081440 fixes reboot issues which were caused by KB3081424 cumulative update

KB3081440 fixes reboot issues which were caused by KB3081424 cumulative update

by AshwinAugust 13, 2015

Exactly a week ago, Microsoft released the Windows Update KB3081424, for Windows 10.


It was the first cumulative update for the new operating system, which brought in all patches released prior to it.

The Redmond Company drew flak for the update, which caused several issues. Some users reported that the update failed to install and was being repeatedly downloaded. It also threw out an error message, “0x80070020 error”, for failed installs. But this issue is a minor one, and has a workaround, which you can read about here.

The major issue however, was that the buggy update caused system reboots, some of which were stuck in an infinite bootloop, i.e., restarting indefinitely. This is something that users will desperately try to avoid, but unfortunately it is what happens, thanks to Microsoft’s forced Windows 10 updates.

I have already criticized this before in previous articles, and I reiterate that the only way to avoid buggy Windows updates,  is by giving the user more control. And even the tool, which Microsoft released to allow users to skip updates doesn’t work with the issue mentioned above.

But on the bright side, Softpedia reports that Microsoft has already rolled out a fix for the problematic update. This is what a company representative posted at the Microsoft Answers forums:

“We have released a fix for this issue through Windows Update in KB3081440. This update repairs a problem involving user profiles that may have prevented KB3801424 from installing on some systems.”

However, you shouldn’t be surprised, if you do not find KB3081440 in the “View Updates History”, section of the Windows Update tab in the Settings app. This is because, Microsoft recently rolled out a second cumulative update for Windows 10, called KB3081436, a few days ago. Since KB3081440 fixes an issue related to the first cumulative update, it is likely that it won’t be downloaded for PC’s who have the 2nd cumulative update.

While that sounds like good news, even the new patch has run into some unfortunate issues.KB 3081440 is described as:

“This update makes improvements to ease the upgrade experience to Windows 10.

Embarrassingly , the “update fixer” update itself has failed to install on many PCs, according to some reports at the forum’s page linked above.  So, it is pretty much unclear how Microsoft plans to fix these issues, the only way I can think of is by probably rolling out a newer patch. It appears that these Cumulative updates may not be such a good idea after all.