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KB3103470 October Update released for Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds

KB3103470 October Update released for Windows 10 Insider Preview Builds

by AshwinOctober 17, 2015

Microsoft has released a new Windows Update for Windows 10. Or so, that is what I believed, when I heard that the October Update was available for the newest operating system from Redmond.


And naturally I scuttled to find if my PCs had received it, only to be met with disappointment. As a rule I do not run preview builds on my machines, for general stability.  Upon closer investigation, I came to know that the update is only available to the latest Windows 10 Insider Preview Build 10565.

So, I searched around and found some interesting information at Windows Central. Apparently, the October Update bears the name Windows Update KB3103470. And the only logical way to find out more about Windows Updates, is to check the Microsoft Knowledgebase. You know where I am going with this, the Redmond Company had previously admitted, to the fury of its users, that it will not detail upon updates which aren’t significant, i.e. no change-logs for “regular updates”.

But you would expect something that is referred to as the “October Update”, to come with a huge change log, or at least some change log. Except, there is none. Yes, zero, zilch, nada. Unless you count the following statement as one,

This update includes improvements to enhance the functionality of Windows 10.

That ridiculous statement is what is mentioned at the KB article for the KB3103470 October Update.

But the page has some better information, which you can find by scrolling down. I must say, you are not going to be pleased by the findings though. Here is a screenshot of the contents I’m referring to:

Windows 10 Notepad 10565.1

The update reportedly has improvements to Notepad, yes the same basic text editor, which has been present in every version of Windows. Of course that is all we know what the update does, apparently the version number has been bumped to reflect the latest version of the OS, Build 10565.

Perhaps the only good thing about the update is that you do not have to restart the computer after installing it.

If you have Windows 10 Build 10565 installed, head over to the Settings app and navigate to Update & Security > Windows Update to get the October Update.

Users on the general RTM Build 10240, probably won’t get the update, as it appears to be a build specific update. Microsoft is expected to release Windows 10 Threshold 2, which is the first major update for the operating system, sometime within the next couple of months.