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KB3120677 Windows Update fixes the broken privacy settings in Windows 10 1511 November Update

KB3120677 Windows Update fixes the broken privacy settings in Windows 10 1511 November Update

by AshwinNovember 25, 2015

Earlier today, we reported that Microsoft has re-enabled the Windows 10 Build 10586 ISO downloads.

KB3120677 Windows Update for Windows 10 1511

This comes after the Redmond company blocked the new build from being downloaded, using the Media Creation Tool. While it initially did not reveal the exact reason behind the move, the Redmond Company revealed today, that it had pulled the ISOs, because the November Update, disabled some privacy settings that the user may have changed in the operating system.

And to resolve this major issue, Microsoft has released a new Cumulative Update called the KB3120677 Windows Update. Now what exactly does this update fix? Let’s find out.

The bug affected the following four areas, in the operating system:

  • Advertising ID
  • Background apps
  • SmartScreen Filter
  • Sync with devices

Microsoft says that these settings were not retained by Windows 10, when the user updated from a prior build (likely 10240 RTM). It also states that the issue apparently only affected “an extremely small number of people”. It did not detail on the actual number of users, but we think it is actually a large number, since Reddit and the Microsoft Technet forums have been flooded with reports from several users claiming the bug impacted them.

Microsoft does says that is working on helping affected users, to restire their settings, though we do not see how this could be done, if the settings have been altered already.

Now, there is a small workaround, thanks to the KB3120677 Windows Update, which you can try, if you have already installed Windows 10 1511. All you have to do is to simply change the settings for each of the four options manually.

How to change the privacy settings for Advertising ID, Background apps, SmartScreen Filter and Sync with devices in Windows 10.

1. Hit the Windows + I keys, or click on the Start Menu > Settings to open the Settings App.

2. Click on the Privacy option.

3. The General Tab on the left sidebar, houses the toggles for the Advertising ID and SmartScreen Filter privacy settings

4. The Other Devices tab, which you can find by scrolling down the sidebar, allows you to change the Sync with devices settings.

5. The last option in the sidebar, is Background apps, clicking on which allows you to select the applications which are enabled to run in the background.

You will need to restart the computer to finish installing the update.

Do you still have issues after installing the update? Or have you spotted a new bug, after installing the update? Drop a comment and tell us what happened.