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KB3124200 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 1511 updates the OS version from 10586.29 to 10586.36

KB3124200 Cumulative Update for Windows 10 1511 updates the OS version from 10586.29 to 10586.36

by AshwinDecember 18, 2015

Microsoft is rolling out a new Windows Update called KB3124200.

KB3124200 Windows Update

It is a Cumulative Update, and is only available for PCs running on Windows 10 1511 Threshold 2.

And as usual there was no change log for the update. The knowledgebase article for the update says it contains the fixes from the previous Cumulative Update KB3116900. Additionally there are some new fixes, which sadly haven’t been revealed yet.

Speaking of lack of information about updates, Microsoft oh so kindly failed to provide one for its most recent Preview Build 11082, which was released yesterday. The Redmond Company instead claimed that there aren’t any major changes in the new build.

We decided to look around for more information regarding the KB3124200 update, and found some Reddit users posting that they have run into various issues after installing the update.

  • One user reports that the update re-enabled disabled tasks in Task Scheduler.
  • Microsoft Edge now supports HSTS, says another user.
  • OneDrive has gained support for selecting folders to sync from the server to the PC. To do so, right click on a folder and select the option which says “Choose Onedrive folders to sync”.

Change in version number:

Windows 10 1511 Build 10586.36

The only noticeable change is the bump in the version number. KB3124200 Cumulative Update has been upped from 10586.29 to 10586.36. You can check this by pressing Win + R, and then typing winver and hitting enter.

Change in power options:

You must be aware by now, that you need to restart the PC to installing Cumulative updates and Security Updates. Microsoft’s update methods are becoming more pushy and annoying recently. And just like the last cumulative update, KB3124200 update also changed the Shutdown and restart options from the Start menu to “Update and Restart” and “Update and Shutdown”.

So you will be forced to stare at your PC installing the updates, which takes quite a few minutes as well.

Issues installing KB3124200 Windows Update:

There seems to be some issues in installing the update, as even after installing it and rebooting the PC, Windows Update did say that a new update was available. But to our surprise, the available update had the same KB number. After a while, it later enabled the option to an “install now” button, clicking on which said all updates were installed.

The Advanced Options, in the Windows Update settings, made things even more mysterious. Check the screenshot above, and you will see that it is listed twice, which is quite bizarre.