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KB3124263 Windows Update patches Windows 10 10586.36 to Build 10586.63

KB3124263 Windows Update patches Windows 10 10586.36 to Build 10586.63

by AshwinJanuary 13, 2016

Microsoft has released a new Windows Update called KB3124263 for Windows 10 PCs, on Patch Tuesday.

KB3124263 Windows Update
The update comprises of a few security bulletins.

There are four of them, to be precise: MS16-001, MS16-005, MS16-007 and MS16-008. Here is a brief description of those.

MS16-001 patches multiple security vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer. This includes a fix for one severe issue, which could have allowed remote code execution, when the user visited a malicious web page using the browser.

MS 16-005 is also similar to the above one, since it involves a fix for a bug which may have potentially allowed arbitrary attacks, but in Windows Kernel-Mode Drivers.

MS16-007 also fixes, you guessed it right, more remote attack vulnerabilities, this time related to DLL files, which could have allowed an attacker to remotely log on to a system, and run a malicious app.

MS16-008 contains fixes for vulnerabilities, which could have an attacker, elevation of privilege (admin rights or the rights of the user currently logged in) by running a malicious app.

Known issue in KB3124263 Windows Update:

It wouldn’t be a Windows Update if it doesn’t cause bugs, right? The last one caused several Flash based programs to crash. On the bright side, this time it appears that only one program is affected.

The KB3124263 update has been confirmed by Microsoft to affect users who have Citrix XenDesktop (a virtual desktop software) on their computers, and that it apparently does not allow users to log on. So, this update will not be offered to machines which have the software installed.

As a workaround, Microsoft is recommending users to uninstall the program to install the KB3124263 update, and also to contact Citrix for a resolution with its app.

Windows 10 Build 10586.63:

Though the knowledgebase article does not mention it, there is another change the update adds.
KB3124263 Windows Update patches Windows 10 from 10586.36 to 10586.63.

Windows 10 1511 Build 10586.36

This is still a Threshold build, and not a Redstone build (which the preview 11082 belongs to), and which is still exclusive to Windows Insiders.

Windows 10 Build 10586.63

And just as with other security updates, you will need to reboot the computer from the settings app, to install the KB3124263 update.

Some users are reporting that they are getting the KB3124266 update. This includes an additional security bulletin, which contains a pacth for a remote code execution vulnerability, in Microsoft Edge. There are reports that once again, Piriform Speccy is being uninstalled from PCs, when the Windows Update is installed.