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LastPass 4.0 brings a new UI for the Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera extensions

LastPass 4.0 brings a new UI for the Firefox, Chrome, Internet Explorer, Safari and Opera extensions

by AshwinJanuary 5, 2016

LastPass has updated all of its browser extensions to version 4.0.

LastPass 4.0

And the new version brings in a brand new UI.

Lastpass 4.0 UI

The first change is to the dropdown menu, which appears when you click the LastPass icon. This is what it looks like in version 4.0.

LastPass 3.0 dropdown

Click on the LastPass Vault option. This will bring up a pop-up tutorial, which walks you through the new features and changes in version 4.0. Should you wish to view it again you can do so from the sidebar on the left of the Vault.

The Vault has a Card based look with a flat design, and a new Quick Add Button with a + icon. Click on the button to add a new site, secure note, form fill profile, or folder.

LastPass 4.0 Quick Add Button 2

If the button and design looks familiar, it is because you may have seen something similar on your Android phone. LastPass seems to have taken a leaf out of Google’s Material Design, and added a plus button similar to the one sed in the Gmail/Inbox/Google+ Android apps.

LastPass 4.0 adds a left sidebar which is reminiscent of Opera browser’s. This allows you to quickly access the following options

  • Sites
  • Secure Notes
  • Form Fills
  • Sharing Centre

The latter allows you to view, create or delete the sites, notes, and folders which you have shared with others.

LastPass 4.0 sharing centre

On the lower left of the sidebar are the Emergency Access and Account Settings, and More Options (which allows you to tweak the Advanced Settings).

LastPass 4.0 more options advanced settings

The top navigation bar allows you to search your vault, and access to your profile menu, from where you can manage your LastPass account.

LastPass 4.0 search

Below it is the folder navigation tab, which expands/collapses your folders, and also lets you to sort the folders from recently used or alphabetically, or change from a grid view to a list view.

LastPass 4.0 sorting

LastPass asked me to restart my browser, WaterFox, to finish updating. And oddly enough, it was a minor update from version 3.2.41 to 3.2.42. That is when I checked the LastPass add-ons page, to find that LastPass 4.0 is not available for Mozilla Firefox just yet.

We reached out to LastPass for clarification about this.

And the add-on maker confirmed that version 4.0 has been published to Mozilla’s add-ons, but it may take a few weeks for it to appear because of the browser maker’s add-on signing rule.

Another example of why this rule is a bad idea.

Don’t worry, there is a simple workaround, for now, until Mozilla Firefox 44 is released and disables unsigned add-ons. Just go to the following page to download the add-on manually and install it.

If you don’t like the new version, you can switch to the old UI with just a few clicks of the mouse. Click on the LastPass Icon > LastPass Vault > User Profile > Toggle LastPass 3.0.

LastPass 3.0 revert from 4.0

This option will only be available for a while, as LastPass has announced it will phase out the old UI, and update all users to version 4.0’s UI. So you can use this time to get accustomed to the new interface.