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LastPass new interface will be made default for all users from August 1st

LastPass new interface will be made default for all users from August 1st

by AshwinJune 29, 2018

LastPass new interface will be made default for all users from August 1st. The company announced the move today, so what does it mean to you as a user? 

Well, to be honest, it isn’t a big deal. If you have been using LastPass Password Manager for a while, you won’t notice a difference, literally. Technically this is not even new, since it has been around for a year or so. There’s a good chance that you have been using it ever since. The old interface, LastPass 3.0 will be retired on August 1st. That is what the old GUI looks like. It is quite dated, isn’t it? 

 And this is the LastPass new interface, aka LastPass 4.0.  This looks much cleaner than the older one, and it is more easy to use too. 

LastPass new interface

The news really only affects users who have been using LastPass 3.0. But the question is, why is it being discontinued anyway? It’s just a theme, right? While it does look like a theme, in reality there are a lot of differences between the interfaces. LastPass 4.0 has many new options compared to the old one. 

That’s why the company says it is difficult to maintain the two versions. We think this is actually good news, because they have given users a long time to get used to the new interface. And even if you haven’t used it, you still have a month to make familiarize yourself with the LastPass new interface. 

Think about it, if they hadn’t informed users, and suddenly switched everyone to the new UI, it would have resulted in mass confusion. 

Improvements in the new version of the interface include different extension menus, vault structure, password generator and more. The only real issue would be the design of the interface, which can be confusing at first. The tiles don’t look good? No worries, you can switch to a list view or back to the grid view, anytime you want to. 

If you have been using LastPass on your smartphone, you may be familiar with the color pattern used in the design of the web version and the browser extensions. So, it is better to have a uniform design across apps and extensions. 

So, what happens on August 1st? See the LastPass 3.0 toggle in the dropdown menu in your vault’s top right corner? That will no longer be available, and your vault interface will automatically be switched to LastPass 4.0.