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Learn to code while at home with MDBootstrap

Learn to code while at home with MDBootstrap

by FileCriticMarch 30, 2020

MDBootstrap inarguably offers some of the finest front-end Material Design UI kits based on the Bootstrap web development framework. And its unparalleled support for the jQuery, Angular, React, and Vue flavors of JavaScript only serve to enhance the flexibility and versatility for any budding web developer. If you are stuck at home (you most likely are due to the recent COVID-19 pandemic), you really should not put a pause to your learning process. The MDBootstrap developement team is set to hold a webinar that targets a range of topics that you must absolutely not miss out on. Let’s take a deep dive and figure out what this webinar is likely to cover.

Basic Web Development – HTML, CSS, JS

Aspiring web developers should really have a solid grasp of the key languages that power up the internet. Getting your facts straight about HTML, CSS, and JS is crucial — HTML is the key markup language that makes the entire internet click, CSS allows for better presentation of websites, and JS (or JavaScript) binds everything together and allows for advanced web-based functionalities. Even if you already know your way around these languages, it’s well worth tuning into the MDBootstrap webinar to refresh your knowledge.

Theme Development – WordPress

A website with a matching theme goes a long way toward grabbing the attention of visitors and bolstering user engagement. MDBootstrap offers unprecedented support when it comes to developing stunning WordPress themes in Material Design. If you think that you lack the technical know-how (or if you just want to get your knowledge up to date) then checking the MDBootstrap webinar might be well worth the time spent.

Backend Development – PHP + mySQL

Any web developer looking to deal with websites with huge databases should really know their way around with MySQL. Not only is it reliable and fast, but it’s also very scalable and easy to use. And with PHP, you can really connect and manipulate MySQL databases easily. If you really want to figure out the best practices of using MySQL in conjunction with PHP, then don’t forget to catch up on the upcoming MDBootstrap webinar.

Backend Development – Node.js

Node.js is a vital open-source runtime environment that helps out massively when implementing and executing JavaScript code outside the traditional environment of a web browser. It also helps in the development of efficient JavaScript-based web servers, thus making it an indispensable tool in your web development arsenal. To know more about backend development in Node.js, make sure to sign into the MDBootstrap webinar.

Frontend Development – jQuery

We all know that jQuery is pretty much outdated. Yet it’s still the most widely-used flavor of JavaScript out there. In fact, almost three in every four websites are still powered by jQuery. So obviously, you can’t just ignore it in favor of the more flashier forms of JavaScript — at least for the time being. And with MDBootstrap, designing jQuery sites in stunning Material Design has never been easier. Don’t forget to check out the webinar to learn more about it.

Frontend Development – Angular

Angular offers one of the best means to build stunning web apps with the use of TypeScript. But just like with jQuery, it’s getting kind of dated. However, that is no excuse to skip out on this rather popular web framework — in fact, version 9 was released a while back, so it’s not out of the way just yet. MDBoostrap offers a dedicated UI kit to bolster the appearance and functionality of your web apps with Material Design, so do tune into the MDBootstrap webinar to find out more.

Frontend Development – React

React is one of the most recent and popular web frameworks out there, and the one that powers massive mobile applications such as Facebook. Which means that it’s absolutely vital that you know the exact ins and out of React. But don’t worry —  it’s not that hard to get your head around this awesome web framework since it revolves around pure simplicity. And with MDBootstrap, you can further enhance the functionality of your mobile applications using cutting-edge Material Design. The MDBootstrap webinar should offer the perfect means to play catch up with this revolutionary framework.

Frontend Development – Vue

A fully reactive UI framework for reactive mobile-first websites and apps, Vue allows web developers massive flexibility in the ever-changing world of app development. The MDBootstrap webinar should definitely help you learn more about what Vue brings to the table. And don’t forget the fact that MDBootstrap also has its own Vue-based UI kit, which makes things even more exciting if Material Design is something that piques your interest.

Advanced JavaScript

Staying up-to-date on JavaScript and it’s various components and subsets (Form Validation, Data Structures, Fetch API, TypeScript, etc.) is absolute essential for any web developer. With the MDBootstrap webinar, you have the opportunity to learn more about what makes JavaScript tick from some of the leading web developers in the industry.

Stay Updated

The MDBootstrap webinar offers the perfect means to brush up on essential web development skills, so don’t miss out on it. Even if you are late to the game, you will most likely still be able to catch up on a recording of the webinar. These are turbulent times, but the more you focus right now on boosting your craft, the better positioned you will be once things get back to normal.

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