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Mac OS X, Adobe Flash Player and Internet Explorer were among the most vulnerable products in 2015

Mac OS X, Adobe Flash Player and Internet Explorer were among the most vulnerable products in 2015

by AshwinJanuary 6, 2016

Software, security updates and vulnerabilities, are probably what every user needs to be aware of in today’s digital world.

Software list Top 50 vulnerabilities

Wondering which software was the most vulnerable last year? Here are the top ones.

If you think Adobe Flash Player was the most vulnerable product last year, your answer was wrong, but not by much though. The media content plugin was found to have over 300 vulnerabilities, and sits at third place in the list.

The unfortunate crown in the list, belongs to Apple, with its Mac OS X operating system, which had over 380 vulnerabilities in it, 384 to be precise. It was followed by the Cupertino company’s mobile operating sysem, iOS, which had 375 security bugs.

Adobe AIR related products took up 3 spots in the top 10, with 246 vulnerabilities a-piece. Adobe’s Acrobat products were also present in the list.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was reported to have had 231 security issues, while its major competitor Google Chrome had 231, and Mozilla Firefox with 178 making up for the stats for the top three browsers in the world. Interestingly the three apps were ranked at 7, 8 and 9 in the list (in the order mentioned above). In comparison, Apple Safari only had 135 issues.

Windows Server 2012 was the Redmond company’s most affected operating system, with 155 bugs and completed the top 10. It was followed by Windows 8.1 with 151, Windows Server 2008 with 149, Windows 7 with 147, Windows 8 with 146, Windows RT 8.1, RT 8, Vista with 139, 138, and 135 bugs respectively, taking up spots 11 to 18 consecutively, except for Number 12. That was taken by Ubuntu Linux with 152 bugs (so much for Linux being secure huh?).

Google’s Android mobile operating system sat in the 20th place with 130 security bugs. 80 bugs were reported in Java JRE and JDK.

Interestingly, Windows 10, was only reported to have 53 security issues, and sat way down in 36th place. Microsoft had a total of 1590 security issues, followed by Adobe by with 1504 bugs, and Apple with 1147 for the top three companies with the most vulnerabilities.

The information provided here is based on a report published by CVE, which shows the top 50 software products which were found to have had distinct vulnerabilities in 2015.  It is likely that the numbers aren’t a 100% accurate, so take them with a pinch of salt.

Software vendors normally release security reports, only after they have fixed the bugs, so all of those mentioned above have been fixed. Remember to use a good antivirus, the latest version of your applications, and install the latest updates for your operating system. Hopefully 2016 will be a better one for software and security.