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Mackeeper Premium Review

Mackeeper Premium Review

by December 27, 2015

Mackeeper Premium Review

It is very good to have one great utility; of course, it is much better to have four or five, but it is goes without saying that it is simply the best to have 16 utilities collected in one advanced application. That is hard to imagine but Mackeeper Premium really includes 16 great tools which allow you to keep your Mac at the peak of its performance.

The user interface of Mackeeper Premium is very easy to use and navigate. It is conveniently divided into three main parts- Navigation bar, Work area and Support bar.

The Navigation bar is located on the left and it contains all those tools and utilities that offered by the program. It is divided into three categories- Human assistance (in this category you will find a tool for scanning your Mac and fix all problems related to its stable performance on the one hand and getting assistance from professional geeks if you have got any issues concerning the program on the other hand), Security (it contains two utilities, namely, Internet Security and Anti-Theft. Of these two utilities the former is designed to protect your Mac against different online threats and the second for activating anti-theft module which will help you to find your Mac if it gets stolen or lost) and Advanced Tools (Mackeeper Premium offers twelve advanced tools which allows you to perform different actions from searching for duplicate files through deleting important documents securely and unrecoverably).

The middle part of the program is occupied by the Work Area. It displays all features and preferences of the currently selected tool from the Navigation bar.

The Support Bar is located on the right side of the program; it provides you with info about each tool and feature on the one hand and gives you access to the live support for getting help and assistance.

Main Window

Geek on Demand- not every Mac user knows everything about his computer and he is not able to solve all problems related to its use and security. For those users who are not experienced and do not know much about using their Mac effectively, the program’s developers have created this very useful feature. It allows you to ask for help and professional geeks will solve every problems related to Mac.

Internet Security- OS X is a pretty stable operating system, but even it needs constant care and maintenance. Just for this reason, Mackeeper Premium offers an advanced security application called Internet Security which allows you to protect your Mac against viruses and online threats. It does not come with the program, but you can download and install it; just select it from the Navigation bar and click “Install”. In a few minutes this very useful application will be installed and ready to protect your Mac.

The main window of Internet Security is divided into five tabs- Status (it displays info about the current security status of the system. In this tab you can also activate or deactivate real-time safe browsing, antivirus scan and automatic security updates), Safe Browsing (this security module helps you to protect Mac from online threats), Antivirus Scan (it allows you to perform a thorough scan of the system), Antivirus Quarantine (it contains malicious and suspicious items quarantined by the program) and Antivirus Schedule (it allows you to schedule automatic scans on your Mac).

Safe Browsing- there are a lot of malicious websites on the Internet. This module protects you from them. It blocks such dangerous websites. You have the possibility to add potentially unwanted websites to the blacklist or, on the contrary, to the whitelist. It is very important that this module offers real time online protection, so you will be always protected while searching the web.

Antivirus Scan- this module allows you to perform a full system scan (i.e. you can scan all files and folders of your disk) and a custom scan (i.e. you can manually select the desired drive or folder to scan). All detected threats can be immediately deleted or moved to the quarantine.

Antivirus Quarantine- it contains a list of quarantined items; you can either delete or restore them.

Antivirus Schedule- Mackeeper Premium allows you to schedule system scans. All you need is to select the desired folder to scan and specify scheduling options, for example, manual, daily, weekly, etc.

Internet security

Anti-Theft- the main advantage of notebooks and macbooks in particular is their portability and easiness to use because they are very light and you can use them not only at home, but everywhere you go, for example, in the café or on the plane. Unfortunately, because of their lightness, they can be easily stolen by criminals; and you know that is not a very easy task to find a stolen thing. But thanks to this great feature of Mackeeper Premium, you can easily find your stolen or lost macbook. All you need is to activate this module and log in to your Kromtech account. After submitting details about your macbook, this module will start monitoring its online activity and generate a report about its location if it goes online.


Advanced Tools- Mackeeper Premium offers a lot of different tools which allow you to perform various actions on your Mac, for example,. You can safely get rid of duplicate files, back up important documents, permanently delete confidential data, and so on. Mackeeper Premium provides you with twelve advanced tools; they are as follows:

Duplicate Finder- Your Mac is full of duplicate files and they consume a lot of valuable disk space? Do not worry! Mackeeper Premium has got a special utility which allows you to get rid of them completely without any effort. Thanks to the program, now you do not need to look for duplicate files manually; Mackeeper Premium will do this boring task for you. The process of scanning for duplicates is very easy; all you need is to select the desired drives ore folders to scan and after that click on the button “Start Scan.”

After completing the scan, the program will display all found results and arrange them conveniently in six groups, i.e. Images, Documents, Music / Sound, Video, Archives and Raw photos. The detailed info about each file will be also provided, i.e. you will be able to get info about the size, type, modification or creation date, etc.

In addition, Mackeeper Premium also allows you to preview found files, for example, image files and use the special filter for searching for specific file types.

You have the possibility to remove all found duplicates by clicking on the appropriate button or manually check only those files you want to delete.

In the Preferences window you can specify some additional options which the program will use during the scan, for example, you can search for those files which are greater, for example, than 4 KB, etc., and exclude some folders from the search process.


Smart Uninstaller- if you want to remove installed applications from the computer correctly without leaving leftover files, you can take full advantage of this utility offered by Mackeeper Premium. After scanning the system, the program will display all applications, widgets, preference panes, plugins and advertisement plugins installed on Mac. For removing any application you have to check it and then click “Remove”. The main advantage of Smart Uninstaller is that it will remove from the system not only installed applications, but also all their components and leftovers. So, after removing the applications, no junk and unnecessary files will be left on Mac.

Files Recovery- with this very useful utility you can restore accidentally deleted files or files deleted from the Trash. Mackeeper Premium is able to restore files from the HFS S Plus and NTFS or FAT file systems. The program allows you to restore practically all file types, for example, Audio (MP3, etc.), Video (MOV, AVI, etc.), Photo (JPEG, PNG, etc.) and Documents (RTF, PDF, etc.). Using this utility you can easily recover your deleted files in just three steps.

In the first step you have to select the volume to scan. After the scan, Mackeeper Premium will display all found files by arranging them in six categories for convenience’s sake, i.e. images, documents, music, video, archives and raw photos. You have the possibility to view files with the help of the special preview window.

In the second step you should to check files for recovery and in the third, after specifying a folder for storing recovered files or any external hard drive or USB stick, click on the “Recover” button.

It is very important to use this utility immediately after deleting files before they are not overwritten with new files because chances of restoring them are very high.


Data Encryptor- Mackeeper Premium offers a very useful tool with the help of which you have the possibility to restrict access to certain files that contain confidential and sensitive info, i.e. hide these files from prying eyes and unauthorized use.

Before encrypting files, you should set up a password for the file container which will keep all your secret documents; so only you will be able to access it for viewing and decrypting them.

After that the program allows you to select those items that you want to be encrypted and hidden. Mackeeper Premium offers two advanced encryption methods- AES-128 and AES-256. That is all; after clicking on the “Encrypt” button, all your confidential files will be safely stored in this container and only you will be able to access it and decrypt your files.


Files Finder- it is very difficult to find a needed file or files if your drive is too large or if you have a lot of different files. Searching for required files is very boring and time-consuming process. But with the help of this utility you can significantly facilitate the execution of this task and find any file that you need.

Mackeeper Premium provides you with filters which make the searching process much easier. Three filters are offered by the program- Video (it allows you to search for 25 old movies, short videos, etc.), Audio (for example, you can search for audiobooks, 50 recent audio tracks, and so on) and Other (for example, applications, documents, etc.).

For getting more precise results, you can use Custom Presets and manually specify, for example, file size or type, access, modification and creation date or filename extension.

Files Finder filters

Login Items- this utility allows you to control and manage those applications and services which are loaded during your Mac’s login. You have the possibility to add any needed application to login items, or, on the contrary, remove them, if you think that they are not needed for you. In addition, you can also manage active and inactive agents and daemons.

Login Items

Disk Usage- do you want to know how many files are on your hard drive and how much space they consume? If it is so, this utility is designed just for you. It will help you to identify quantity of applications, documents, movies, etc. on your Mac. After the scan, you will be able to view the full contents of your drive and effectively manage your Mac data, for example, delete unneeded files, etc.


Default Apps- each file type can be opened with several applications installed on your Mac. With the help of this utility you can associate any file type with your favorite application and use it to open them. For example, if you do not want to use Apple Safari for browsing the Internet and you wish to open Internet pages with Google Chrome, you can easily change it with this utility. All you need is to scan for apps installed on your Mac and make Google Chrome a default browser. Of course, in this way, you have the possibility to select default applications for opening archives, videos, audios, photos, and so on.

Default Apps

Update Tracker- the software developers regularly update their programs. With this utility you will never miss updates released by developers and your installed applications will be always up-to-date without opening each program separately to check for the latest version.

After the scan, the program will display all the applications installed on your Mac. All out0of-date applications will be marked with the red color. You have the possibility to update all applications immediately by clicking on the “Update All” button without visiting the official website for each program.

This is a very great feature of Mackeeper Premium because it allows you to keep the system always updated.

Update Tracker

Fast Cleanup- Mackeeper Premium allows you to perform a fast scan of your system for finding and removing those unnecessary files which waste your hard drive and consume valuable disk space.

After completing the scan, the program will display all files which can be cleaned and safely removed from the system.

With the help of this utility you can remove unneeded parts of any applications installed on Mac, clean system, user and Google Chrome caches, delete useless language files left after deleting or using various applications.

Backup- unexpected problems may come suddenly and destroy all your important files. For avoiding this unpleasant thing, you must to back up your files because only from backup copies you will be able to restore your data. Fortunately, Mackeeper Premium contains a special utility which allows you to back up your files. With the help of the program, you can easily to create backups easily just in three steps. All you need is to add files to back up, select any backup destination (the program allows you to back up files on your Mac, any external device connected to the computer or even upload them to FTP server), select the number of backup copies and, finally, schedule the backup periodicity (for example, manually, daily, weekly, and so on). That is it. Now your files will be safely stored and easily restored in the event of the system failure.


Shredder- this great utility included in Mackeeper Premium is of use for those who want to delete confidential data permanently without any chance to restore them even with the most powerful applications. Three different advanced shredding algorithms are at your disposal, namely, Single pass of random data, 7 US DoD compliant passes and 35 pass Gutmann.

Shredding algorithms

System Requirements

OS X 10.6 or later

CPU- 1 GHz


Disk Space- 15 MB.


Mackeeper Premium is a really good program for those users who have got Mac or macbook. Thanks to tons of features and tools, it allows them to perform a lot of different actions. Mac users have got practically everything for reliable and safe maintenance of the system. They can clean the system from unnecessary files, protect the computer from viruses and online threats, securely delete sensitive documents and much more.

Mackeeper Premium is a program that is simply necessary for those users who want to keep their Macs in order.


1. In-built antivirus for reliable protection of the system and online activity.
2. A lot of advanced tools for the system maintenance.


The trial version is very feature-limited.

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An effective solution for keeping your Mac stable.

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