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Make Google Chrome more efficient with these three tab management extensions

Make Google Chrome more efficient with these three tab management extensions

by AshwinSeptember 7, 2015

Last week, I told you that Google Chrome is now more battery friendly, thanks to its auto pausing of Flash content, and several tweaks under the hood, to improve its performance.


Beginning with Chrome 45, the browser will now free up the memory used by idle tabs (background tabs)

You may have observed from my article, that I had criticized that Google Chrome does not have a feature similar to Firefox’s “Don’t load tabs until selected”, as a result of which all tabs from previous sessions are loaded upon launching Chrome. Here are three browser extensions, which will help you use Google Chrome more efficiently. All three extensions are related to tab management.

Session Buddy

The first one is called Session Buddy, and as the name suggests, it’s a session manager extension. It allows you to save and restore browser sessions with ease, which is useful in case of crashes/restarts. Additionally it also lets you view all your open tabs in one place, which comes in handy when you have dozens of tabs, and find it particularly difficult to find a tab you want to switch to.

One more useful feature in this extension is that you can export sessions locally, in CSV, JSON, HTML and Markdown formats.

Download Session Buddy from the Chrome web store.

Too Many Tabs

The second Chrome extension which I recommend is called Too Many Tabs, which helps you in the very situation it is named after. Click on the extension’s icon and it will display a list of all open tabs neatly in a box, complete with a preview of the webpage, the page’s title, and fav icons. It also displays an icon with an arrow to show which tab you are on, with the words “You’re here”.


It also has a neat search bar using which you can find a webpage to load quickly. Beside the search bar are a few sorting options. The extension can lets you manually drag tabs to a section called suspended tabs, which frees up the memory from the tabs, and you still get to retain the list of tabs. You can restore the idle tabs by clicking on them.

A new feature in this extension is the support for Google Drive,  which automatically backs up your “Too Many Tabs” data to the cloud.

Download Too Many Tabs from the Chrome web store. The extension, as some users may be aware, is from the developers of Too Many Tabs for Firefox.

The Great Suspender

The third Chrome extension, is called The Great Suspender. It is probably the pick of the lot here.

The Great Suspender has one job, and it does it perfectly. It puts background tabs to sleep, literally. And you can wake them up by clicking on the tab, but it will reload the tab. You can whitelist websites from being suspended, which comes in handy, especially for email and instant messaging websites.


Download The Great Suspender from the Chrome web store.

Do you have any Chrome Extensions which are noteworthy? Drop a comment and share them with us.