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Malwarebytes has acquired Binisoft, to integrate Windows Firewall Control in EndPoint Protection Platform

Malwarebytes has acquired Binisoft, to integrate Windows Firewall Control in EndPoint Protection Platform

by AshwinMay 25, 2018

Malwarebytes has acquired Binisoft, the developer of the popular Windows Firewall Control application. The security company is planning to strengthen its EndPoint Protection Platform with the web protection that the latter offers.

Binisoft is known for its USB Flash Drives Control program which allows the user advanced security options, for enabling the plugged in USB device to work in read mode, write mode or execute mode, depending on how you want to use the drive.

Windows Firewall Control is (was) an application which allows users to use the built-in Firewall in Windows in a much more efficient manner, to block network connections by using advanced filters to prevent all outbound and inbound connections, or to allow only specific programs to connect, etc. This offers a lot more control through a user friendly interface, than the regular GUI of Windows’ Firewall.

Will home users of Malwarebytes get the features of Windows Firewall Control, now that Malwarebytes has acquired Binisoft?

According to the announcement post on the company’s website, this advanced level of protection will be integrated in to the Malwarebytes Platform. While this sounds like every user may get the features, we noticed that the sub-heading of the post clearly mentions “Windows Firewall Control will strengthen Malwarebytes EndPoint Protection Platform”. What that probably means is that the new features will probably be exclusive to the Business users of Malwarebytes. This is just our speculation of course.

So, it is very much likely that users of Malwarebytes, both free and premium versions, i.e., home users will not get the features of Windows Firewall Control. Even the lower tier Endpoint Security might not get the advanced features of WFC.

Administrators who manage the Malwarebytes Endpoint Protection at their workplace will have greater control over their network’s security.

Malwarebytes has acquired Binisoft, what happens to Windows Firewall Control now?

To answer this very question, Malwarebytes has updated Binisoft’s website to state that it will maintain, support, and keep Binisoft products free for everyone in the short term.

Malwarebytes has acquired Binisoft

The words “short term” do sound a bit worrying, especially considering that Malwarebytes plans to incorporate Windows Firewall Control and USB Flash Drives Control to its application. We would advise readers to download the applications and save them on cloud storage accounts, or wherever it won’t be lost. There is no guarantee they will work forever, but at least you will have a way to find out.